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  24mm 12 Point Socket, 1/2" Drive - Impact Grade

MN224ZM 24mm 12 Point Socket, 1/2" Drive - Impact Grade


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Part#: MN224ZM

Product Info

This impact grade 24 mm 12 point socket with 1/2" square drive is used for a few applications.

Many 2006-up VW have a 24mm 12 point head axle bolt for removing the axle which is commonly needed when doing suspension install.

Socket is also used to remove the crank center bolt that retains the timing crank sprocket. Applications include most VW/Audi 6 cyl. timing belt type engines. Fits inside our MNYANK-6CYL Crank Counterhold Tool. Essential for replacing front main crank seals. Not required, but handy for timing belt jobs and engine work to provide a method for turning engine.