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42DD Hubcentric Wheel Spacers +08mm | Audi 5x112

42-823-008A 42DD Hubcentric Wheel Spacers ?? | Audi 5x112

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Product Info

Bolt Pattern: 5x112
Hub Centerbore: 66.56mm
Thickness: 8mm
Hubcentric: YES
Wheelcentric: NO

Stance isnt just a style, its a cornering fundamental. Nearly a century of motorsports has taught drivers and engineers alike that a wider stance is a faster stance. On the streets, enthusiasts have pushed the limits of wheel fitment, creating some of the lowest & widest grocery-getters imaginable. Behind the wheels, precision wheel spacers provide the extension needed to achieve the look and improve performance. Whether youre fine tuning the perfect stance or trying to shave a 10th off the corners, our wheel spacers are ready for action.

They feature a 5x112 bolt pattern and 66.56mm centerbore in three thicknesses. Hubcentric fitment is built-in, eliminating the possibility of wheel wobble. Weight reduction pockets are machined into each spacer to remove unecessary weight.

SOLD as a PAIR of 8mm Spacers with 66.56mm hub bore and NO lip. Made to work with Aftermarket wheels

FITS: All Audi 5x112 bolt pattern with a 66.56mm hub bore