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Brake Fluid - ATE Amber 200 DOT 4 (1 liter)

BF1200 ATE Amber 200 Brake Fluid - DOT 4 (1 liter)


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Product Info

Same specs as Super Blue but typically used for flushing Super Blue. Perfect for high performance street and club racing. Exceeds specifications of FMVSS No. 116 DOT 4/DOT 3, SAE J1703 and ISO 4925. Suitable for all brake and clutch systems rated for DOT brake fluids. Also suitable for ABS. Mixes with brake fluids that have the same specifications. Dry boiling point is 280 C/536 F and wet boiling point is 200 C/392 F. Change fluid every two to three years, depending on vehicle model and on its operating conditions.