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AVs | Accuair Analog Switchbox Management Package

AVS_Switchbox_Management_Kit Accuair | AVS Analog Switchbox Management Package



Product Info

Are you looking for a solid "middle of the road" air ride management system that is easy to install, performs flawlessly, yet doesnt leave your wallet empty? The Analog Management pack is just what you need! Our one-of-a-kind Analog Management features the classic AVS SwitchBox which provides individual corner control, as well as front/rear paired controls and all up/all down for added usability. We include the industry leading AccuAir VU4 Manifold to ensure a clean and reliable installation, as well as a plug-and-play AVS SwitchBox to VU4 Wiring Harness. This harness eliminates frustrating wire crimping while significantly decreasing installation time.

Bag Riders Analog Management Includes:

  • AVS SwitchBox (7-Switch, Black)
  • AccuAir VU4 Manifold
  • Plug-and-Play SwitchBox to VU4 Wiring Harness
  • Tank Fitting Pack
  • 40amp Relay(s) for your compressor(s)
  • Relay Wiring Kit(s)
  • Inflation Valve
  • 110-145psi Pressure Switch
  • Air Line Cutter Tool