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Awe Tuning Foiler Wind Diffuser



Price: $159.00

Sale Price: $146.28


Product Info

Presenting the AWE Tuning Foiler Wind Diffuser. The simple, elegant solution to wind buffeting in Porsche 991s. Whats wind buffeting? You know that sound that happens when your window is down at speed, that makes it feel like your head is going to implode? Thats called wind buffeting. It happens when youre moving fast, and its quite the issue on the newest generation of Porsche 991s. So instead of just letting our brains melt under the pressure, we did something about it. Porsche Design The AWE Tuning Foiler Wind Diffuser boasts an unobtrusive yet elegant design. Crafted from 2x2 carbon fiber with a matte finish, the Foiler Wind Diffuser complements Porsche styling without calling unneeded attention. And installation is a breeze with AWE Tunings user friendly bolt on design. Passenger and Drivers side Foiler Wind Diffuser included, as well as all hardware needed for installation. Roll down your window and wave goodbye to wind buffeting.