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AWE Tuning 700R Performance Turbocharger Kit - 996 Turbo

8610-11028 AWE Tuning 700R Performance Turbocharger Kit - 996 Turbo

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Product Info

We've had numerous 996TT clients approach us seeking to take their cars to the next level. They asked for a bolt-on turbo kit that would give them the power to hang with the latest and greatest batch of hypercars without sacrificing drivability or reliability. And thus, our 700R Turbo Kit was born.

Highlights of this kit:
  • Xona Rotor ball bearing turbochargers
  • AWE Tuning 996TT Exhaust System
  • AWE Tuning 996TT Intercoolers
  • AWE Tuning 996TT Headers
  • Pair of AWE Tuning DV1 Diverter Valves
  • Proprietary G.I.A.C. Software with switching capabilities
  • Sachs/AWE Stage 2.5 Clutch Kit (for 6spd cars)
  • Upgraded Bosch Fuel Pump and wiring
  • Larger fuel injectors
  • Samco 996TT F-Hose
  • All necessary installation hardware

This potent combination delivers a bullet-proof 650 crank horsepower on 93 octane and 700 crank horsepower on 100+ octane.

Safely breaking past the 600 horsepower mark required larger turbochargers and upgraded fueling components. We studied many turbochargers before choosing Xona Rotor, which feature a custom stainless steel turbine casting that allows for an easy, bolt-on installation to the factory exhaust manifolds or any aftermarket manifold that attaches like the factory unit. The task of getting enough fuel into the combustion chamber is handled by an upgraded Bosch fuel pump coupled to high flow fuel injectors.

Proprietary software developed jointly with G.I.A.C ties our cutting edge hardware together into a complete package. Our G.I.A.C. software catapults our kit to world class status and gives our 700R Kit the ability to change maps on the fly, a world exclusive.

Included G.I.A.C. Software Programs:
  • Premium Unleaded Pump Fuel (650hp)
  • 100+ Octane Race Fuel (700hp)
  • Valet (30 mph speed limiter)
  • Ignition Kill Security (no start anti-theft)
  • Low Boost/Power

By use of an elegantly simple handheld device, you can choose different power profiles. Did you fill up with high octane race fuel and want to unleash this kit's full 700hp potential? Plug the included handheld switcher into the port under the dash and push the race button. Are you leaving your car with a valet? Push the Valet button and you've instantly detuned the car to a mere 50hp! Concerned about security? Press the Kill button, and not even your own key will start the car until an alternate operational button is pushed. How about stock-like power levels for when you lend the car to a friend or are dropping it off for dealer work? Push the Stock button and the car is back to showroom-floor power levels.

Please note that aftermarket exhaust, intercoolers and headers are required for use with this kit, and claimed power figures were only able to be attained with the use of our products. Our 700R kit is available without these components for the 996TT owner who already has aftermarket units, please inquire. ECU return shipping is an additional charge if required. The AWE Tuning 700R Performance Turbocharger kit is for racing use only. Current 996TT G.I.A.C. clients should contact us to discuss trade-in discounts.