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AWE Tuning Boost Tap Kit | Audi 3.0T

1810-11012 AWE Tuning Boost Tap Kit | Audi 3.0T


Price: $45.00

Sale Price: $40.50


Product Info

  • Easy Access to the Boost/Vacuum Source
  • Bolt On Installation
  • CNC Machined from T-6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
FITS all 3.0T engines found in the S4/S5/A6/A7

There is no easily accessible boost/vacuum source on the 3.0T. Thanks to some clever engineering we have designed a reliable, economical and bolt on way to tap into the cars boost source.

Our V6T Boost Tap is CNC machined in house from T-6061 aircraft grade aluminum. We've incorporated a heat sink near the ports to prevent hot compressed air entering boost lines and causing damage to boost gauges or other products that require a boost source.

Our design features two ports to allow easy integration with any product that requires a boost/vacuum source, like our B8 3.0T Vent Mounted Boost Gauge kit.