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NLA NLA NLA AWE Tuning CCB Intake | Mk6 Jetta 1.8T | 2.0T TSi Gen3 NLA NLA NLA

AWE_CCB_TSi_Gen3 AWE Tuning CCB Intake | Mk6 1.8T | 2.0T TSi Gen3


Price: $495.00


Special Price: $445.50


Product Info

Extensive research & development was spent to ensure the AWE Tuning C|C|B (Cold Cone Box) Intake kit was the most complete, best engineered solution available for 2013.5+ Volkswagen GLI and Jetta 1.8T models.

Aftermarket intakes with open air filters also suck in the heat from the engine bay. This can kill any power gains generated by a freer flowing filter. Our C|C|B features a beautiful fully enclosed carbon fiber box so only cool, fresh air enters the engine.

Dyno testing showed increases of +13 crank hp and +8 crank tq, with healthy usable gains in the midrange. Extensive power testing also showed that no sustainable gains were possible unless piping after the mass air sensor was uncorked, so our C|C|B includes 2.75 inch diameter stainless steel piping after the airbox.

Highlights of our C|C|B Intake:

  • Fully enclosed box to keep heat away from the intake filter
  • Washable large cone filter from OEM supplier
  • +13 crank hp and +8 crank tq
  • Improved throttle response
  • Easy to install
  • Engineered, developed and tested in-house
Note: Recommended cleaning intervals for the filter is between 6k and 10k miles or once a year, which ever comes first.

FITS: 2013.5-up new Mk6 Jetta GEN3 TSi engine. If you have an ALL BLACK engine cover as pictured below you have the GEN3 motor! AWE part 2655-13022