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NLA NLA NLA AWE Tuning CCB Intake | Mk6 Golf R 2.0T NLA NLA NLA

AWE_CCB_Mk6_Golf_R AWE Tuning CCB Intake | Mk6 Golf R 2.0T


Price: $495.00


Special Price: $445.50


Product Info

About the AWE Tuning Golf R C|C|B Intake

The Golf R is a unique beast. And so should be its intake. AWE Tuning R&D has spent considerable time to ensure that this C|C|B Intake would offer impressive mid-range gains, solid trim levels, CEL free operation and perfect daily-driving manners.

Where open" air filters may allow Golf R owners to check off" that the intake upgrade is complete, the reality is that open air filters can also suck in the heat from the engine bay, which ironically can kill power gains that the free flowing filter would have generated. Not this one.

The Filter

The oiled cotton gauze filter within the Golf R C|C|B Intake was custom designed by the AWE Tuning engineering team for a higher flow rate while adhering to industry standard filtration rates. In a word: Better.

Carbon Fiber that fits

The AWE Tuning C|C|B Intake features a top-of-the-line proprietary Golf-R-specific carbon box that ensures that only cool, fresh air is inhaled, equaling efficient power gains. And since the carbon box was designed in house at AWE Tuning specifically for your Golf R, the fitment is tight and perfect.

The Power

Dyno testing on AWE Tunings AWD Mustang Dyno revealed max power gains of +25 crank hp and +20 crank tq at redline, with healthy usable gains in the midrange. Extensive power testing also showed that no sustainable gains were possible unless piping after the mass air sensor was uncorked, so our Golf R C|C|B Intake includes 2.75" inch diameter stainless steel piping after the airbox. Free the air.

Weve always loved the R, maybe thats why we spent so much time developing the perfect intake.

Highlights of our C|C|B Intake:

  • Max power gains are +25 HP and +20 TQ
  • Golf R specific design and tubing
  • CEL free operation
  • Factory mounting locations retained for strength and simplicity
  • Fully enclosed box to keep heat away from the intake filter
  • Adapted fuel trim levels of 6.3%
  • Fully Enclosed Carbon Fiber Airbox
  • Billet aluminum mounting bracket
  • Mandrel bent, free flowing 2.75" T304 Stainless Steel piping
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Designed in house at AWE Tuning HQ
  • One year warranty