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NLA NLA NLA AWE Tuning Vent Boost Gauge Kit | B7 Audi A4

1410-11024 AWE Tuning Vent Boost Gauge Kit | B7 Audi A4


Price: $199.00


Special Price: $179.10


Product Info

The best just got better! Our latest update to this timeless kit includes a switch to a more reliable and accurate electrical boost gauge.

Why a vent mount location? Mounting a gauge on the steering column blocks portions of the driver information display, and mounting on the a-pillar is not possible to do in a clean manner due to the very wide a-pillar dimension. Mounting the gauge in a center vent ensures that it is readable at a quick glance, even under full acceleration.

The gauge precision is unmatched, and the kit just oozes quality. Backlighting is via crisp LEDs, ensuring a perfect match to the factory instrument cluster. Further, it features advanced electrical internals to eliminate any and all chance of buzzing that can sometimes happen with a mechanical gauge. Measurement is 0-30psi and 0-30inHg of vacuum.

Not only does the gauge match the lighting scheme of the B7 dash exactly, but the gauge mount is designed to allow air to still flow into the passenger compartment. The gauge sits within an injection molded plastic pod, CAD engineered in house. The pod replaces the slats that sit within the factory vent enclosure, producing a seamless integration with the cockpit. The color match and texture are perfect!

This kit includes a Delrin vent pod with UV stabilizer, 45mm electrical boost gauge, all electrical and tubing hookups, and a detailed install sheet. Installation is easy and takes roughly 1.5 hours.