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NLA NLA NLA AWE Tuning Vent Mounted Boost Gauge Kit | B8 Audi S4 | S5 3.0T

1410-11030 AWE Tuning Vent Mounted Boost Gauge Kit | B8 Audi S4 | S5 3.0T


Price: $199.00


Special Price: $179.10


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This may be one of our finest gauge kits to date.

From the originators of the vent mounted boost gauge comes our latest masterpiece. This kits precision is unrivaled and it just oozes quality. From the crisp LEDs that perfectly match the OE lighting to the precision readings from the electronic gauge, no other alternative compares. The gauge reads from 0-30 psi of boost and 30-0 in/hg of vacuum.

Mounting the gauge in a vent ensures that it is readable at a quick glance, even under full acceleration, without any obstruction to the rest of your instruments.

Our Patented B8 Vent Mounted Boost Gauge Kit is designed to maintain airflow into the passenger compartment, including the ability to open and close the vent. The gauge sits within an injection molded pod, CAD engineered in house. The pod replaces the slats that sit within the factory vent enclosure, producing a seamless integration with the cockpit.

Our B8 3.0T Vent Mounted Gauge Kit comes complete with our CNC Machined V6T Boost Tap. It features two ports, one for the gauge kit and one for use with other products that require a boost/vacuum source.

This kit includes a injection molded vent pod with UV stabilizer, 45mm electrical boost gauge, all electrical and tubing hookups, and a detailed install sheet. Installation is easy and takes roughly 1.5 hours.

Note: The vent pod used in this kit is designed for the leftmost air vent. As such, it is not compatible with right hand drive vehicles.