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  Adjustable Camber Plates For MK5/MK6/8P/8J Chassis

IESUUB1 Adjustable Camber Plates For MK5/MK6/8P/8J Chassis


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Part#: IESUUB1

Product Info

Integrated Engineering camber plates excell when ensuring that the tire's contact patch is flat on the pavement under hard cornering. This is essential to maximizing grip levels dialing in the required amount of negative camber (leaning the tire in) for your specific tire and suspension combination. Higher grip levels cause further body roll and suspension deflection and this requires more camber. These Integrated Engineering camber plates allow maximum adjustability of camber. They also provide a stable foundation for your front suspension by replacing the compliant rubber OEM mounts with a steel bearing, eliminating unwanted movement under heavy loads.

fully adjustable

Our engineering team looked at this application carefully in order to ensure optimum performance. Care was also taken to achieve these gains without any detrimental effects to daily drivability. A heavy duty US sourced Aurora spherical bearing controls the top of the shock absorber. It is secured in a high strength heat treated alloy steel cup, which has been designed to provide a life time of reliable service.


In order to combat the spring popping and binding issues so common with many camber plates, our design incorporates a heavy duty thrust needle bearing as well. This has been taken to another level by our Full Environmental Seal technology (FES), completely sealing this bearing from the elements, which keeps your suspension operating smoothly and quietly for far longer than any other solution on the market.
Maximize your cars grip levels by getting a set of Integrated Engineering camber plates today!

Fitment Guide:
VW Golf & Jetta MK5 & MK6 2006-2013
Audi A3 8P 2006 - 2013
Audi TT 8J 2006 - 2013

High quality, high strength spherical bearing
Heat treated alloy steel bearing cup
Includes FES (Full Environmental Seal) technology which ensures debri free thrust bearing operation
Individually serialized to ensure quality and authenticity

reliable performance


?With the addition of Integrated Engineering MK5/MK6/8P/8J camber plates the car was transformed. Much more steady state front end grip was added and the overall balance is much more neutral as opposed to front biased as it was. Car was turning 1:18's at Roebling which is pretty good. It was a wet weekend so I also got the chance to do a bunch of laps in varying traction conditions. Even amongst the other AWD cars it was easily the quickest in the wet. ? Angel, Forge Motorsport


"The IE camber plates are a first class piece of equipment, quality CNC machining out of billet aluminum, fit finish is top notch the anodizing is deep and rich in color. The stainless steel threaded strut nut is fantastic, recessed and offset threads to reach in deep and get tons of thread engagement for a tight bite on the strut threads.This little bit of engineering is a step above the competition, very well thought out for those folks that are running stock VW struts yet, well done! Everything is quality the spring hats are precisely made, fitting the OE spring ID?s like perfect.
Here?s the big bonus, after running another manufacturer?s camber plates for two years and hearing the constant clatter and chatter, I forgot how nice it is to have silence from the front end. The IE camber plates are silent, no chatter, no popping and banging, BEAUTIFUL!" - Rod K, NASA Utah instructor