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Autotech 25mm Front Sway Bar | Mk5 | Mk6 | 8P | B6

10.425.1825K Autotech 25mm Front Sway Bar | Mk5 | Mk6 | 8P | B6



Product Info
Autotech's lightweight 25mm front & 25mm rear tubular swaybars for the Mk5 chassis are once again the epitome of VW suspension tuning. Over a year in development testing various bar diameters and wall thicknesses on the street & track with our German-spec Mk5 GTI has led to what we feel is the best combination for high-performance road and full-on competition driving. The ultra-lightweight swaybars weigh less than 10 lbs. combined! Both front & rear are 3-way adjustable, allowing you to dial in your car for your preferred driving style or for changing track conditions. Our legendary polyurethane bushings are specially formulated to be virtually squeak-free for years of trouble-free performance. Kits include all necessary mounting hardware and instructions.

AudiTTMK2 (2007.5+)2.0 TSI
AudiTTMK2 (2007.5+)2.0T FSI
AudiTTMK2 (2007.5+)3.2L VR6
AudiA3MK1 (05-2013)2.0 TSI
AudiA3MK1 (05-2013)2.0T FSI
AudiA3MK1 (05-2013)3.2L V6
AudiA3MK1 (05-2013)TDI
VolkswagenTiguan(09-2011)2.0 TSI
VolkswagenTiguan(2012+)2.0 TSI
VolkswagenPassatB6 (06-2011)2.0T FSI
VolkswagenPassatB6 (06-2011)V6 3.6L
VolkswagenJettaMK5 (05.5-2010)2.0 TSI
VolkswagenJettaMK5 (05.5-2010)2.0T FSI
VolkswagenJettaMK5 (05.5-2010)2.5L
VolkswagenJettaMK5 (05.5-2010)TDI
VolkswagenJettaMK6 Sedan (2011+)2.0 TSI
VolkswagenJettaMK6 Sedan (2011+)2.5L
VolkswagenJettaMK6 Sedan (2011+)TDI
VolkswagenJettaMK6 Sportwagen (2011+)2.0 TSI
VolkswagenJettaMK6 Sportwagen (2011+)2.5L
VolkswagenJettaMK6 Sportwagen (2011+)TDI
VolkswagenGolf/GTI/RabbitMK5 (06-2009)2.0 TSI
VolkswagenGolf/GTI/RabbitMK5 (06-2009)2.0T FSI
VolkswagenGolf/GTI/RabbitMK5 (06-2009)2.5L
VolkswagenGolf/GTI/RabbitMK6 (10-2014)2.0 TSI
VolkswagenGolf/GTI/RabbitMK6 (10-2014)2.5L
VolkswagenGolf/GTI/RabbitMK6 (10-2014)TDI
VolkswagenCC(2009+)2.0 TSI
VolkswagenCC(2009+)V6 3.6L
VolkswagenBeetleBeetle (2012+)1.8 TSI
VolkswagenBeetleBeetle (2012+)2.0 TSI
Volkswagen.:R ModelsMK5 R32 (2008)VR6 3.2L
Volkswagen.:R ModelsMK6 R (2011+)2.0T FSI