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Autotech Swaybar F&R Kit | Mk4 Golf | Jetta

autotech.swa Autotech Swaybar F-R Kit | Mk4 Golf | Jetta



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Purchase Front and Rear together and SAVE!!

Perhaps more than any other VW model to date, the increasingly bloated Mk4 Golf, Jetta & New Beetle models cry out for swaybar tuning to help balance the chassis during hard cornering. Autotech responded with our 25mm front & 28mm rear adjustable swaybar kits. The adjustment of the front swaybar is a simple process of choosing one of the available mounting positions for the bar links that is integrated into the mounting brackets. Adjustment at the rear is achieved by flipping the special extruded aluminum outer mounts 180?. Our legendary polyurethane bushings are specially formulated to be virtually squeak-free for years of trouble-free performance. An overwhelming number of enthusiasts state that installing an Autotech 28mm rear swaybar is the finest suspension modification for these cars! Kits include all necessary mounting hardware and instructions.