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Corrado G60 Stage 2 Q-Chip Kit

10.215.320K Corrado G60 Stage 2 Q-Chip Kit



Product Info
The Stage 2 Kit consists of three parts. First, a smaller supercharger pulley, a
work of art in itself, machined in one piece from hard anodized 6061-T6
aluminum, that raises maximum boost pressure to 14psi (up from 8). Second, a
matched Q-Chip specifically for the Stage 2. Third, a special higher output
Bosch fuel pressure regulator, required to correctly administer fuel at the
higher boost levels. The results are staggering: 190 flywheel horsepower
and incredible torque at all rpm levels. One important feature: all this power
comes at very little expense in fuel efficiency. Our Corrado had over 50,000
miles on a stage 2 system and had maintained mileage within 1 mpg of stock!