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034 Motorsport Density Line (L&R set), Mk4 4-Cyl / 1.8T / 2.0L / TDI
Part# 034_mk4_density_mountpair_4CYL
Price: $255.00

034 Motorsport Density Line, Mk4 4-Cyl / 1.8T / 2.0L / TDI
Part# 034_mk4_density_mount_set_4CYL

Price: $325.00

ARP Head Stud Kit, 8V, 1.8 & 2.0L
Part# 204-4203
Price: $122.35

Connecting Rod Bolt - Priced Each
Part# 048105425
Price: $9.99

Connecting Rod Bolt Kit ARP, Most 4 Cyl VW
Part# 104-6004
Price: $119.99

Copper Washer
Part# N0138492
Price: $0.98

Crankshaft Seal, Front (Oil Pump Seal) - 81-24292-10
Engine Mount (Right Side), Mk4 4-cyl
Part# 1J0199262BF
Price: $69.99

Freeze Plugs (Virtually All VW Engines)
Part# 036103113A
Price: $1.99

Head Bolt Set (10pc), Mk4 2.0L
Part# 06A103384C_qty10
Price: $22.99

Head Gasket Set, Mk4 2.0L 2001-up
Part# 06A198012B
Price: $109.99

Head Gasket Set, Mk4 2.0L pre-2001
Part# 06A198012A
Price: $119.99

Motor Mount Stretch Bolts - Dogbone, Mk4
Part# Stretch_Mk4_Dogbone
Price: $8.99

Motor Mount Stretch Bolts - Left/Right, Mk4
Part# Stretch_Mk4_Mounts
Price: $17.99

OEM Motor Mount Kit, Mk4 4-cyl
Part# URO-0044
Price: $239.99

Oil Cooler O-Ring Seal
Part# 038117070A
Price: $2.99

Oil Cooler, 1.8T/Late 2.0L
Part# 028117021L
Price: $79.99

Oil Cooler, Mk4 Golf/Jetta 2.0L Early
Part# 078117021A
Price: $79.99

Oil Dipstick Funnel, Mk4 2.0L
Part# 06A103663C
Price: $4.99

Oil Dipstick, Mk4 2.0L
Part# 06B115611R-
Price: $9.99

Oil Filler Cap Audi R8
Part# 420103485B
Price: $99.99

Oil Filler Cap, pre-2006
Part# 06B103485C
Price: $3.99

Oil Pan Gasket Sealant
Part# D176404A2
Price: $15.99

Oil Pan Hybrid Steel/Aluminum, Mk4 2.0L/TDi
Part# 06A103601T
Price: $89.99

Oil Pump Chain, 1.8T/2.0L
Part# 06A115125
Price: $36.99

Oil Pump Pickup Tube, 2004-2005 1.8T
Part# 06A115251G
Price: $26.99

Oil Pump, 1.8T/2.0L
Part# 06A115105B
Price: $99.99

Piston Ring Set 82.5mm, Mk4/Mk3 2.0L, Mk2 2.0L 16v
Part# 053198151C_qty4
Price: $169.99

Redline Assembly Lube - 4 oz
Part# RED-80312
Price: $7.99

Thrust Bearing Set, 4cyl VW 1987-2005
Part# 026198421
Price: $19.99

Valve - Exhaust, Mk4/Mk3 2.0L
Part# 048109611B
Price: $19.99

Valve - Intake, Mk4/Mk3 2.0L
Part# 078109601E
Price: $9.99

Valve Guides (Set of 8), Mk4/Mk3 2.0L
Part# 037103419B_qty8
Price: $27.99

Valve Keepers (Set of 16), Mk4/Mk3 2.0L
Part# 021109651_qty16
Price: $29.99

Valve Stem Seals (Set of 8), Mk4/Mk3 2.0L
Part# 027109675_qty8
Price: $5.99


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