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- Basic Parts Kit for SAI/N249/PCV/EVAP Delete, 1.8T
- 42 Draft O2 Sensor Spacer
Part# EX-99-200

Price: $49.99

- Basic Parts Kit for SAI/N249/PCV/EVAP Delete, 1.8T
Part# SAI_Delete_Parts
Price: $69.99

- Basic SAI/N249/PCV/EVAP Delete Kit, 1.8T
Part# SAI_Delete_1.8T

Price: $99.99

- Basic Ultimate SAI/N249/PCV/EVAP Delete Kit, 1.8T
Part# SAI_Delete_1.8T_ULT

Price: $249.99

- Forge Motorsport Mk4 1.8T Intake Kit
Part# Forge_1.8T_Kit

Sale Price: $519.99

- Kinetic Motorsport Mk4 1.8T Front Mount Intercooler

Price: $799.99

- o2 Sensor Spacer
Part# o2_Sensor_Spacer

Price: $29.99

- Silicone (No Catch Can Setup) SAI/N249/EVAP Delete Kit, 1.8T
Part# SAI_Delete_1.8T_No_CatchCanSet

Price: $199.99

- Silicone SAI/N249/PCV/EVAP Delete Kit, Mk4 1.8T
Part# SAI_Delete_1.8T_Silicone

Price: $179.99

- Ultimate Silicone Plus SAI/N249/PCV/EVAP Delete Kit, 1.8T
Part# SAI_Delete_1.8T_PLUS

Price: $369.99

-Silicone Hose Upgrade for Basic SAI Delete Kit
Part# SAI_Silicone_Upgrade
Price: $89.99

034 High Flow Exhaust Manifold, 1.8T
Part# 034_Highflow_Manifold_1.8T
Price: $295.00

034 Motorsport Density Line (L&R set), Mk4 4-Cyl / 1.8T / 2.0L / TDI
Part# 034_mk4_density_mountpair_4CYL
Price: $255.00

034 Motorsport Density Line, Mk4 4-Cyl / 1.8T / 2.0L / TDI
Part# 034_mk4_density_mount_set_4CYL

Price: $325.00

034 Motorsports 1.8T SAI Block Off Plate
Part# 034_1.8T-Block-off
Price: $29.99

034 Motorsports Catch Can Kit, Mk4 1.8T
Part# 034_Mk4_1.8T_Catch_Can

Price: $224.99

1.8T Ignition Tune Up Kit ”D” Version
Part# 18t.ignition.D

Sale Price: $129.99

1.8T Ignition Tune Up Kit ”E” Version
Part# 18t.ignition.E
Price: $169.99

1.8T Performance Tune Up Kit
Part# 18t.tuneup.kit
Sale Price: $184.99

1.8T PowerGasket Plus™, 99.5-up
Part# GAS.005

Price: $64.99

42 Draft VW Mk4 1.8T 2.5" Downpipe (1 Piece)
Part# EX-04-Mk4-VL-25

Price: $279.99

42 Draft VW Mk4 1.8T 3” Downpipe (1 Piece)
Part# EX-04-Mk4-VL-

Price: $279.99

42 Draft VW Mk4 1.8T 3” Downpipe (Modular)
Part# EX-04-01X-

Price: $374.99

42DD Stealth Oil Catch Can
Part# 42-CCU-021/22

Price: $129.99

42DD Stealth Oil Catch Can w/NPT fittings
Part# 42-CCU-023-24
Price: $144.99

42DD Ultimate Oil Catch Can
Part# 42-CCU-011/12

Price: $244.99

A/T Filter & Pan Gasket Kit, Mk3/Mk4 4-spd
Part# 01M398009
Price: $23.99

aFe Pro Dry S, Drop In Filter, Mk4 ALL
Part# 31-10016
Price: $64.99

aFe Pro Gaurd 7, Drop In Filter, Mk4 ALL
Part# 73-10016
Price: $74.00

Air Filter, Mk4
Part# 1J0129620
Price: $11.99

Alternator Pulley, Mk4 and 2.0T FSi
Part# 022903119C
Price: $49.99

AUTOTECH Composite Cold Air Intake, Mk4
Part# 10.202.411K

Price: $139.99

Autotech Intercooler Vent Plate, Mk4 1.8T
Part# 10.145.100K
Price: $49.99

AWE Tuning Exhaust, Mk4 1.8T/VR6
Part# AWE_Exhaust_Mk4_1.8T
Price: $699.99

Block Breather Adapter, Audi/VW 1.8T
Part# 034_breather_adapter_18t
Price: $19.99

Breather Hose Kit, AWD/ATC Mk4 1.8T, Reinforced Silicone
Part# 034_Mk4-Breather-AWD
Price: $119.99

Breather Hose, ”S” Shaped, AWD Engine Code
Part# 06A103221BR
Price: $61.99

Breather Hose, Crooked ”S” Shaped, AWW/AWP
Part# 06A103221BK
Price: $24.99

Breather Y-Hose, Mk4 1.8T, Reinforced Silicone
Part# 034_Mk4_Y_Hose
Price: $39.99

Breather/Air Hose, Mk4/TT 1.8T AWD Engines
Part# 06A103493BD
Price: $23.99

Cabin Filter, Mk4
Part# 1J0819644A
Price: $13.99

Cam Position Sensor, Bosch 0232101024
Part# 058905161B
Price: $99.99

Connecting Rod Bolt Kit ARP, Most 4 Cyl VW
Part# 104-6004
Price: $119.99

Connecting Rod Bolt, 06A 1.8T
Part# 077105425E
Price: $3.99

Coolant Cap, Black
Part# 3C0121321
Price: $23.99

Coolant Cap, Brushed with Blue Logo
Part# Coolant_Cap_Brushed
Price: $39.99

Coolant T-Fitting with Hose, 1.8T
Part# 1J0122109AQ
Price: $23.99

Coolant Temp Sensor (Green Top), 2000-up
Part# 059919501A

Price: $14.99

Cooling Hose Flange Plug Kit
Part# 357121140
Price: $1.99

Crankcase Breather Hose Securing Clip (Black)
Crankcase Breather Hose Securing Clip (Green) Crankshaft Seal, Front (Oil Pump Seal) - 81-24292-10
Crankcase Breather Hose/Tube, 1.8T
Part# 06A103213F
Price: $29.99

Emissions Suction Pump, Mk4 1.8T AWP
Part# 06A133751AE
Price: $144.99

Engine Cover (1.8T), Mk4 Golf/Jetta 1.8T
Part# 06A103724BC
Price: $184.99

Engine Cover (20v Turbo), Mk4 Golf/Jetta 1.8T
Part# 06A103927N
Price: $194.99

Engine Cover Screw, Mk4 Golf/Jetta 1.8T
Part# N90801101
Price: $2.49

Engine Mount (Right Side), Mk4 4-cyl
Part# 1J0199262BF
Price: $69.99

EVOMS V-Flow Air Intake, Mk4
Price: $299.99

Exhaust Manifold Gasket, 1.8T
Part# 058253039L
Price: $9.99

Forge 007 P Diverter Valve
Part# FMCL007P

Price: $135.00

Forge 008 Premium Diverter Valve
Part# FMDV008

Price: $174.99

Forge Diverter Valve w/Side outlet Vacuum
Part# FMCL007PA
Price: $154.99

Forge Silicone Turbo Inlet Pipe, VW Mk4 1.8T

Price: $179.99

Forge VW 1.8T Alloy Side Mount Intercooler
Price: $479.99

Fuel Injectors 440cc Bosch Green Giant  - Priced EACH
Fuel Filter, Mk4 (1-Line In/Out)
Part# 1J0201511A
Price: $8.99

Fuel Filter, Mk4/Mk5 w/fuel regulator
Part# 6Q0201051C
Price: $30.99


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