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- Mk4 2.0L Ignition Tune Up Kit (2001-up)
Part# mk4_2.0L_01-up_kit
Sale Price: $114.99

034 Motorsport Density Line (L&R set), Mk4 4-Cyl / 1.8T / 2.0L / TDI
Part# 034_mk4_density_mountpair_4CYL
Price: $255.00

034 Motorsport Density Line, Mk4 4-Cyl / 1.8T / 2.0L / TDI
Part# 034_mk4_density_mount_set_4CYL

Price: $325.00

2.0L 8v PowerGasket Plus™, Mk3/Mk4
Part# GAS.007
Price: $64.99

A/T Filter & Pan Gasket Kit, Mk3/Mk4 4-spd
Part# 01M398009
Price: $23.99

aFe Pro Dry S, Drop In Filter, Mk4 ALL
Part# 31-10016
Price: $64.99

aFe Pro Gaurd 7, Drop In Filter, Mk4 ALL
Part# 73-10016
Price: $74.00

Air Filter, Mk4
Part# 1J0129620
Price: $11.99

Alternator Pulley, Mk4 and 2.0T FSi
Part# 022903119C
Price: $49.99

AUTOTECH Composite Cold Air Intake, Mk4
Part# 10.202.411K

Price: $139.99

Cabin Filter, Mk4
Part# 1J0819644A
Price: $13.99

Coolant Cap, Black
Part# 3C0121321
Price: $23.99

Coolant Cap, Brushed with Blue Logo
Part# Coolant_Cap_Brushed
Price: $39.99

Coolant Temp Sensor (Green Top), 2000-up
Part# 059919501A

Price: $14.99

Cooling Hose Flange Plug Kit
Part# 357121140
Price: $1.99

Crankshaft Seal, Front (Oil Pump Seal) - 81-24292-10
Engine Mount (Right Side), Mk4 4-cyl
Part# 1J0199262BF
Price: $69.99

EVOMS V-Flow Air Intake, Mk4
Price: $299.99

Fuel Filter, Mk4 (1-Line In/Out)
Part# 1J0201511A
Price: $8.99

Fuel Filter, Mk4/Mk5 w/fuel regulator
Part# 6Q0201051C
Price: $30.99

G13, Coolant/Antifreeze (1 Gallon)
Part# G013A8J1G
Price: $21.99

GIAC Handheld Flashloader (Switching Device)
Part# GIAC_Handheld
Price: $150.00

GIAC VW Mk4 2.0L Performance Software
Part# GIAC_2.0L

Price: $275.00

Gruvenparts - Mk4 1.8T/2.0L Power Pulley Set (4-pc)
Part# G_Pulley_1.8T/2.0L

Price: $319.99

Head Bolt Set (10pc), Mk4 2.0L
Part# 06A103384C_qty10
Price: $22.99

Head Gasket Set, Mk4 2.0L 2001-up
Part# 06A198012B
Price: $109.99

Head Gasket Set, Mk4 2.0L pre-2001
Part# 06A198012A
Price: $119.99

Heater Core, Mk4
Part# 1J1819031BMY
Price: $54.99

Heater Core, Mk4 (Nissen Brand)
Part# 1J1819031B
Price: $89.99

K&N Air Filter Cleaning/Re-Oiling Kit
Part# 99-5050
Price: $13.99

K&N Filter, Mk4
Part# 33-2128
Price: $59.99

Motor Mount Stretch Bolts - Dogbone, Mk4
Part# Stretch_Mk4_Dogbone
Price: $8.99

Motor Mount Stretch Bolts - Left/Right, Mk4
Part# Stretch_Mk4_Mounts
Price: $17.99

OEM Motor Mount Kit, Mk4 4-cyl
Part# URO-0044
Price: $239.99

Oil Cooler O-Ring Seal
Part# 038117070A
Price: $2.99

Oil Filler Cap Audi R8
Part# 420103485B
Price: $99.99

Oil Filler Cap, pre-2006
Part# 06B103485C
Price: $3.99

Oil Pan Gasket Sealant
Part# D176404A2
Price: $15.99

Oil Pressure Sensor, Mk4
Part# 06A919081J
Price: $9.99

Oil Service Kit, Mk4 1.8T/2.0L
Part# Oil_Kit_Mk4_4-cyl
Price: $39.99

Oil Temperature Sensor, Mk4 All, Mk3 VR6
Part# 1H0919563
Price: $16.99

Polyurethane Dogbone Bushings, Mk4
Part# 15.1105G

Price: $24.99

Purge Valve, 1.8T/2.0L/VR6
Part# 1C0906517A
Price: $64.99

Radiator Fan Assembly and Motor, Left - Mk4 (Febi)
Part# 6X0959455F_Febi
Price: $109.99

Radiator Fan Assembly and Motor, Left - Mk4 (Metrix)
Part# 6X0959455F_Metrix
Price: $74.99

Radiator Fan Assembly and Motor, Right - Mk4 (Febi)
Part# 1J0959455M_Febi
Price: $109.99

Radiator Fan Assembly and Motor, Right - Mk4 (Metrix)
Part# 1J0959455M_Metrix
Price: $74.99

Radiator Fan Control Unit, Mk4/TT
Part# 1J0919506K
Price: $129.99

Radiator Fan Switch, Mk4
Part# 1J0959481AMY
Price: $9.99

Radiator, Mk4 1.8T/2.0L/VR6 12v (OEM 2-Row)
Part# 1J0121253AD
Price: $89.99

Spark Plug Wires, Mk4 2.0L 2001-up (Prenco)
Part# 06A905409N_Prenco
Price: $49.99

Techtonics Dual Downpipe for Mk4 2.0L
Part# 251.118
Price: $274.99

Thrust Bearing Set, 4cyl VW 1987-2005
Part# 026198421
Price: $19.99

Timing Belt Complete Kit, Mk4 2.0L
Part# TB_Mk4_2.0L_4pcs
Sale Price: $139.99

TT 8V Hydraulic Camshaft (260 - Street)
Part# 109.065
Price: $149.99

VF Engineering Lower Dogbone Mount, Mk4 all
Part# VFA02-01
Price: $199.99

VF Engineering Transmission Mount, Mk4 all
Part# VFA02-04
Price: $199.99


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