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aFe MagnumFORCE Intake Stage-2 Pro 5R, Mk5 2.5L (2006-2008)
- Electrical Tune Up Kit, 2.5L 5-cyl
Part# 2.5L_TuneUp
Sale Price: $159.99

- UroTuning Mk5/MK6 Dogbone Mount Insert Kit
Part# 15.1106G_N10558001

Price: $34.99

aFe MagnumFORCE Intake Stage-2 Pro DRY S, Mk5 2.5L (2006-2008) aFe Takeda Intake Stage-2 PRO DRY S Wrinkle Black, Mk5 2.5L (2006-2008)
Air Filter K&N, Mk5 2.5L
Part# 33-2331
Price: $52.99

Air Filter, Mk5/Mk6 2.5L Cabin Filter, Mk5
Air Filter, Mk5/Mk6 2.5L
Part# 07K129620MN
Price: $14.99

Cabin Filter, Mk5/Mk6
Part# 1K1819653B
Price: $13.99

Coolant Cap, 1999-up
Part# 3B0121321
Price: $8.99

Coolant Cap, Black
Part# 3C0121321
Price: $23.99

Coolant Cap, Brushed with Blue Logo
Part# Coolant_Cap_Brushed
Price: $39.99

Coolant Temp Sensor, 2006-up
Part# 06A919501A
Price: $18.99

ECU Chastity Bolts for Mk5/Mk6
Part# ECU_Bolts
Price: $4.99

Engine Cover Beetle Style, 2.5L
Part# 07K103925
Price: $109.99

Fuel Filter, Mk4/Mk5 w/fuel regulator
EVOMS V-Flow Air Intake, Mk5 2.5L
Price: $294.99

Fuel Filter, Mk4/Mk5 w/fuel regulator
Part# 6Q0201051C
Price: $30.99

Fuel Pump Relay
Part# 191906383CMY
Price: $5.99

GIAC DTM Bluetooth Dongle (Smartphone Device)
GIAC DTM Bluetooth Dongle (Smartphone Device)
Part# GIAC_DTM_Bluetooth
Price: $175.00

GIAC Handheld Flashloader (Switching Device)
Part# GIAC_Handheld
Price: $150.00

GIAC VW Mk5 2.5L Performance Software
Part# GIAC_2.5L

Price: $350.00

IE 2.5l 5 Cylinder SAI Blockoff Plate Kit IE 2.5L 5 Cylinder Vacuum Pump Blockoff Plate Kit Ignition Coil Pack New Version, 2.0T/2.5L (Genuine VW/Audi)
Injen Black Cold Air Intake, Mk5 2.5L (2009-2010) No MAF Injen Polished Cold Air Intake, Mk5 2.5L (2009-2010) No MAF
K-N Air Filter Cleaning/Re-Oiling Kit
Intake Manifold Gasket, Mk5 2.5L
Part# 07K129717A
Price: $19.99

K&N Air Filter Cleaning/Re-Oiling Kit
Part# 99-5050
Price: $13.99

Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF), Mk5 2.5L
Part# 07C906461
Price: $169.99

NEUSPEED P-Flo intake Mk5 2.5L (2006-2008)
Part# 65.10.99
Price: $249.99

Oil Filter, 2.0T FSi/2.5L
Part# 06D115562MN
Price: $12.99

Oil Pan (Lower cover), Mk5 2.5L
Part# 07K103600A
Price: $59.99

Oil Pan Gasket Sealant
Part# D176404A2
Price: $15.99

Oil Service Kit, Mk5/Mk6 2.5L
Part# oilch.mk5_2.5L
Price: $52.99

Purge Valve / Vent Valve (N80 valve), Mk5/B6
Oxygen Sensor (Post-Cat), Mk5 2.5L
Part# 06A906262CL
Price: $149.99

Purge Valve / Vent Valve (N80 valve), Mk5/B6
Part# 06E906517A
Price: $17.99

Radiator, Mk5 2.5L
Part# 1K0121251CJ
Price: $149.99

Spark Plugs NGK PZFR5J11 (7743), 2.5L
Part# ngk_PZFR5J11_qty5
Price: $54.99

Thermostat O-Ring, Mk5 2.5L
Part# 032121665A
Price: $3.49

Timing Chain Kit (BGP or BGQ engine codes), Mk5 Rabbit/Jetta 2.5L
Torx Bolt - M6x16
Part# N10347003
Price: $0.99

VF Engineering Lower Dogbone Mount Replacement Bushings, Mk5 VF Engineering Lower Dogbone Mount, Mk5 2.0T/2.5L
Valve Cover Gasket, Mk5 2.5L
Part# 07K103483
Price: $14.99


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