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Eurojet Street FMIC Kit for MK4 Golf | Jetta 1.8T

EJ401-M10-02-01- Eurojet Street FMIC Kit for MK4 Golf | Jetta 1.8T



Product Info

Eurojet offers the most aggressive and efficient upgraded intercooler kits for your MKIV VW, period. Through our proprietary designs, your turbocharged vehicle is able to utilize the advantage of an upgraded original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-style side-mount intercooler and a street front-mounted intercooler (FMIC), and a race-only FMIC. Each upgrade has numerous benefits specific to your application.

Our MK4 kits are the most widely used heat exchange systems for the MK4 engines in the USA. They serve as a solid upgrade for your turbo system and allow your engine to unleash more performance and more power. Our efficient bar and plate designs are measured and calculated by our engineers to ensure that each core is rated within the efficiency range of your horsepower goals.

Why should I buy the street instead of a side-mount or race intercooler?

One very important point to keep in mind is that the Street Front-Mount Intercooler Replacement kit is designed for the power and boost levels in the 350-hp range with an upgraded turbo. It does, however, work well with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) K03 turbo if youre looking for the aggressive look of a front-mount. What that means is that the OEM side-mount intercooler begins to see heatsoak and become inefficient within the 250-hp range. The Race Kit is rated for the range of 450 to 550 hp. The Street Kit is a happy medium between these two cores that allows the perfect design for 300 to 400 hp.

You will begin to see heatsoak with this intercooler as you approach the 400 to 420 hp levels.


  • Material T5052 & 6061 Aluminum
  • Core Size 31 x 2 x 10
  • 2" piping


  • Works with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) turbo
  • Cast aluminum endtanks
  • Bar and plate (BP) core design
  • Efficient chamber balance
  • TIG-welded tanks
  • Proprietary staggered and louvered internal fin design
  • Cast and polished endtanks
  • CNC MAP sensor, diverter valve and N75 flanges (N75 and DV only on street and race kits)
  • Stainless steel T-bolt clamps
  • Custom 5-ply silicone
  • Cold-rolled steel replacement bumper support (only on street and race kits)