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Axle Assembly (Right Passenger Side) | Mk5 | B6 | CC | EOS w/DSG

1K0407272KJ FEQ Axle Assembly (Right Passenger Side) | Mk5 | B6 | CC | EOS 2.0T w/DSG


Price: $94.49

Special Price: $89.99


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Includes CV Joints, fits DSG transmissions only Your axles transfer driving torque from the differential to your wheels. Since the invention of independent suspension, axles have had to utilize constant velocity or CV joints to accomplish this task. The most common symptom of a failed CV Joint are clicking noises, particularly while turning, and vibrations in the steering wheel. It is recommended to replace the entire axle if a CV Joint should fail since you'll already have the axle out. Why chance having to make an additional repair later on? A new axle will come with new CV Joints, freshly packed with new grease and boots.

NOTE: For B6 Passat and CC these will only work on Manual Trans or DSG (Thru 1/31/2010 build date)