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Front Center Air Vents | Mk4 Jetta

1J0819728E2AQ Front Center Air Vents | Mk4 Jetta


Price: $174.99

Special Price: $166.24

Product Info
The delicate plastic fins in the dash air vents are extremely prone to breakage. UV damage, overzealous users, and even the slightest bump can prevent you from adjusting the air flow from your dash. Replaces yours and restore your cabin HVAC to full function. Manufactured by Genuine VW/Audi, these replacements are exactly what came on your vehicle from the assembly line. Color, texture, and size are perfect, so if you are only replacing one, it will still flow seamlessly into the rest of your interior pieces.

Illuminated Version

FITS: All Mk4 Golf/Jetta

NOTE: This item usually is NLA