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H&R "Deep" Low Coilover Kit | B8 Audi A4 | S4 | A5 | S5 | A6 | A7

HR_Deep_B8-A4-A5-S4-S5 H&R "Deep" Low Coilover Kit | B8 Audi A4 | S4 | A5 | S5



Product Info

Lowers car 50mm-120mm (2"-4.7") - these will lower more than any other coilover on the market!

Includes adjustable dampening Struts and Shocks. Fits all B8 chassis A4 / S4 / A5 / S5.

Tire and wheel fitment critical. Large tires and wheels will rub fenders.Coil over suspension is the ultimate expression of high-performance handling, and now H&R DEEP line Coilover kits take this technology to the next level with its new DEEP Coil Overs. Like H&R's original Coil-Overs, DEEP Coil-Overs are engineered for street use, but have a number of new features designed for the enthusiast who desires a static drop.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Modifications to your car WILL be required to go low with these!