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H&R OE Sport Springs | Mk3 Golf 2.0L pre-1996

54764-55 H&R OE Sport Springs | Mk3 Golf 2.0L pre-1996


Price: $349.00

Special Price: $226.85


Product Info
Average lowering front: 0.75" rear: 0.25"

Up to Vin #T 070 449, split is in model year 1996

OE Sport Springs are designed with a revised spring rate for increased driving convenience with great handling characteristics. OE Sport Springs offer a mild lowering to cleanup that "too high-rally-stock look." Stock ride comfort is retained. These are the springs your "S" or "Sport" option must have!

** NOTE for mk3 2.0L owners... There is a mid year change in the size of the top of the front springs. Please check to see which tops are in your car. Open the hood and look at the top of the struts. If the struts have a black plastic cap this should indicate that you have the large spring top, use 93-95 kit. If there is a round metal top with rubber around it and no plastic cap you should have the smaller spring end, use 96-99 kit.