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IE 1.8T | 2.0L Lightweight Under Drive Billet Alternator Pulley

IEBAVA13 IE 1.8T | 2.0L Lightweight Under Drive Billet Alternator Pulley


Price: $59.99

Special Price: $49.99


Product Info

By reducing rotating mass you are reducing the amount of power it takes to rev up the engine, resulting in a faster revving engine. Under drive pulleys also reduce the parasitic draw on the engine from accessories by spinning them at a slower speed. We are proud to offer these lightweight under drive aluminum alternator pulleys for the 1.8T/2.0L engines. Weighing in at 136 grams, they weigh significantly less than the factory units they replace. They are a direct fit for all 06A 1.8T/2.0L engines. These pulleys are made in house on our CNC lathe from 6061 aircraft aluminum, and finished with a gloss clear anodize finish.


Fits all 06A 1.8T and MK4 2.0L engines
Made in U.S.A from 6061 aircraft aluminum
Weighs 136 grams
10% under drive

Audi longitudinal applications require a factory nut and washer from a transverse 1.8T engine, since the factory pulleys have a clutch in them. Sold separately.

NOTE: ****At this time, there is no belt available to run both underdrive alternator and power steering pump pulleys. Only one underdrive pulley can be installed with the factory belt.