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IE 1.8T 20V Cam Degree Tools

IETLVA2 IE 1.8T 20V Cam Degree Tools



Product Info

Installing camshafts in a 1.8T 20V engine has been a hit and miss affair for many years. We finally made these tools which allow the camshafts to be properly degreed in, on that exact engine, by the end user. The set includes two billet special cam caps for measurement purposes only, bolts and complete instructions. These can be used in the car, but it is much easier to complete the procedure on an engine stand.

Works with any manufacturers camshafts as long as you have the cam card
Essential for ensuring the camshafts are timed properly to your engine. Camshaft timing can be effected by incorrectly cut keyways, decked heads and blocks, inaccuracies in the camshaft grinding process, and many more factors. For this reason there is no substitute for degreeing in your camshafts on your exact engine.