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IE Billet Surge Tank for Dual Submerged Fuel Pumps

IEFUU6 IE Billet Surge Tank for Dual Submerged Fuel Pumps

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Surge Tank Options

Product Info

Prevent fuel starvation issues and provide a reliable constant draw of fuel with an IE submerged surge tank. The surge tank provides a constant fuel supply, even under aggressive cornering, acceleration, and high fuel consumption situations. The universal design will work with any traditional return style fuel system and supply enough fuel to power up to 1600HP!

Product Features:
  • Universal fitment for any return style fuel system
  • Innovative submerged pump design
  • For use with two pumps supporting up to 1600+HP
  • Leak-free o-ring boss AN ports for easy integration
  • Black wrinkle powder coated for durable finish
  • Includes mounting hardware, O-ring, and assembly lube
  • Vibration damping mounts and mounting hardware included
  • Available with or without corrosive fuel upgrade
  • Always have fuel available with a 2.3 liter fuel capacity
  • Download the installation/plumbing guide

Fuel Pump Compatibility

Corrosive Fuel Upgrade
When running corrosive fuels such as E85, methanol, or race ethanol mixtures an optional surge tank corrosive fuel upgrade is available. Adding the corrosive fuel upgrade we treat the interior of the surge tank with a specialized anodizing treatment to protect the surge tank alloy form damaging fuels.

Surge Tank Measurements
  • 7.25" long
  • 6" wide (8.9" wide from mounting tab ends)
  • 4" deep

Recommended Surge Tank Use
Integrated Engineering's innovative surge tank design is essential for drag race, track, and drift cars. During hard cornering or acceleration, the stock pump will frequently have fuel starvation due to the fuel tank angles. The surge tank is also a great solution for mounting and plumbing high powered street cars. Once installed, you can use a factory in-tank or inline pump to feed the surge tank and keep it full in most applications.

Fuel Pump Options
Our surge tank design is compatible with either the AEM 380LPH fuel pumps or Bosch 044 fuel pumps only. When using two Bosch 044 series fuel pumps, this setup can support up to 1300HP. Two AEM pumps can supply fuel for over 1600HP on standard fuels and are available to purchase with your surge tank. For less aggressive power setups, an IE single submerged fuel tank is also available that houses a single pump.

Surge Tank Construction
The pumps are O-ring sealed and securely clamped into place using an in-house machined top plate. To provide a leak-proof supply of fuel to the surge tank three -6AN o-ring boss inputs/outputs have been machined to the top plate. The -6 o-ring boss inputs/outputs can be customized for a large variety of fuel fittings such as AN bends, AN straights, stainless hose connections, push lock hose, braided lines, hard lines, and more. The back of the machined top plate has been fully pocketed out to remove excess weight. The fuel pump is secured to the top plate with stainless brackets and hardware providing reliable operation.