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IE Stage 2 Power Kit | Mk3 VR6 OBD2 (96-98)

IECVV IE Stage 2 Power Kit | Mk3 VR6 OBD2 (96-98)




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Product Info

The Integrated Engineering power kit is by far the best bang-for-the-buck complete performance package available for 12V VR6 engines. The components included in this kit have been carefully paired together to extract the most from your naturally aspirated engine without any decrease in reliability. With the IE power kit, horsepower is increased by up to 18% over stock to 204 hp, while torque is increased up to 10% or 191 ft/lbs. The car remains as drivable as stock, maintaining a smooth idle, while significantly increasing power in the midrange and top end.


With the IE power kit installed, the car will become much more enjoyable to drive, pulling strong all the way to redline. The power increase is immediately noticeable and will not sacrifice daily drivability.

Included Components
After countless hours of testing different variations of the components in this kit, we are proud to say that we have put together the best performing package on the market. This kit is capable of such significant power increases due to the heavily-engineered kit components:

IECVV1 street cams
These cams have been designed to offer the best street performance without any decrease in drivability. They install just like OEM cams, idle just like OEM cams, yet perform like performance cams should. The peak power is shifted from the 5000rpm range up to near 7000rpm, which makes for a much wider powerband.

IEINCH1 intake kit
This kit features a generously-sized velocity stack and air filter combination, which offer the highest possible flow for the VR6 engines. Installation is stealthy, with the mount bracket and velocity stack finished in a wrinkle powdercoat finish. The throaty VR6 growl is released with our intake kit installed, which is music to the ears.

IE software

The included software has been specifically developed in-house for the IECVV1 cams and intake kit, providing proper fueling and timing to match. The tune has been optimized for 91 or 93 octane fuel, offering increased fuel economy in cruising conditions. The rev limiter is increased to 7200rpm, while the idle is bumped up to 800rpm. When ordering the power kit be sure to select the matching ECU code from the dropdown menu above.

Recommended & Required Components
The IE power kit for 12V VR6 includes the major hardware needed for installation, along with the specially-tuned IE software. Along with this kit, upgraded valve springs and retainers will be required to take advantage of the larger cams and higher rev limit. We have developed the IEVTVV2 spring and titanium retainer kit alongside the IECVV1 cams, which will allow the engine to safely rev to the rev limiter of 7200RPM. We also recommend replacing the lifters with the install of the new camshafts, which are also available separately. These components are not included with the power kit, as many customers have already purchased those parts.

The IE power kit has been designed to work with all OBD2 MK3 VR6 engines, found in 1996-1998 Golf and Jetta.