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K&N Performance Drop In Air Filter | 3.2L | 3.6L

33-2384 K-N Performance Drop In Air Filter | 3.2L | 3.6L



Product Info

Fits all 3.2L and 3.6L engines in 2006-up Passat, EOS, R32, Audi A3, Audi TT.

For over 30 years, K&N has specialized in improving air flow to your vehicle's engine. Originally, they developed "the world's best air filter" to cope with the extreme demands of desert motocross racing, so you can be sure it'll stand up to whatever punishment you throw its way. And the K&N Air Filter performs at a level that ordinary disposable filters can't touch.

The secret? Several sheets of high-flow cotton gauze are sandwiched between two layers of aluminum wire mesh, then pleated and oiled to create a filter that offers increased air flow and excellent filtration! The K&N Air Filter is washable and reusable, so your engine will be protected as long as you own your vehicle. And the K&N filter will NOT void your new vehicle's warranty.