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KW HAS Coilover Spring Kit - F12 | F13 M6

2532000W KW HAS Coilover Spring Kit - F12 | F13 M6




Product Info

KW's height adjustable sleeve kit for the M6 allows height adjustment while retaining the factory electronic damping control. The factory spring perches are removed from the front dampers, and KW's own threaded height-adjustable perches are installed. The sleeve kit allows for .2"; to 1.2"; of lowering in front, and .4";-1.2"; of lowering in the rear. The kit includes progressive rate lowering springs, height adjustable spring perches for the front and rear, shortened bump stops and new dust boots to protect the OE BMW shocks.

KW H.A.S. (Height Adjustable Spring) Systems. Front and rear height adjustable (front and rear springs with threaded height adjusters). Stock shock absorbers including electronic controls are being utilized.