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Lower Control Arm Kit (FEBI) B6 Audi A4 | S4

8E0407151RKT Lower Control Arm Kit (FEBI) B6 Audi A4 | S4


Price: $389.99

Sale Price: $370.49


Product Info

Tighten up your lower front control arm/steering components with an upgraded and updated 4-piece Control Arm Update Kit from FEBI.

This product fits:
2002-2005 Audi A4/S4 (B6 chassis)

Kit Includes:
- 8E0407693K - Front Control Arm, Lower Left Rear (Curved)
- 8E0407694K - Front Control Arm, Lower Right Rear (Curved)
- 8E0407151M - Front Control Arm, Lower Front (Straight) - Fits Left Or Right Side x qty 2
- N10106402, Nut x qty 6
- N10241202, Lower Shock bolt x qty 2
- N90625902, Lower Curved Inner Control Arm Bolt x qty 2
- N10294902, Lower Straight Control Arm Inner Bolt x qty 2