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- Front and Rear Upper Strut Mount Kit, Mk4
- Front and Rear Upper Strut Mount Kit, Mk4
Part# Mk4_F-and-R_Strut_Mount_Kit
Price: $58.99

17mm Head Wheel Bolt Caps (Black) - Priced Each
Part# 321601173A01C
Price: $0.99

A/C Blower Motor, Mk4
Part# 1J1819021C
Price: $89.99

A/C Condenser, Mk4
Part# 1J0820413N
Price: $119.99

A/C Evaporator (w/Electronic A/C), Mk4
Part# 1J1820007B
Price: $169.99

A/C Expansion Valve, Mk3/Mk4
Part# 6N0820679A
Price: $39.99

A/C O-Ring Kit
Part# MT2622
Price: $19.99

A/C Pressure Switch (Thrust Sensor), Mk4
Part# 1K0959126B
Price: $49.99

A/C Receiver Drier, Mk4
Part# 1J0820191D
Price: $29.99

A/C Relay
Part# 8K0951253
Price: $9.99

Accessory Belt Tensioner, 3.2L/2.8L 24v VR6
Part# 022145299D
Price: $91.99

Air Filter, Mk4
Part# 1J0129620
Price: $11.99

Alternator Pulley, Mk4 and 2.0T FSi
Part# 022903119C
Price: $49.99

Ambient Air Temp Sensor, Mk4/Mk5
Part# 1J0919379A
Price: $9.99

Antenna, ”Fuba” (Mast Only)
Part# 3A0051849
Price: $29.99

Back Up Light Switch, Mk4/Mk5
Auxillary Water Pump, Mk4/Mk5 VR6
Part# 1J0965561A
Price: $94.99

Axle Nut, 1992-2005 5-Lug VW
Part# N90587602
Price: $5.99

Back Up Light Switch, Mk4/Mk5
Part# 02K945415G
Price: $19.99

Ball Joint, Mk4 R32/TT
Part# 8N0407365B
Price: $59.99

Battery Tie Down Bracket, Mk4/Mk5/B6
Part# 6X0959502A
Price: $24.99

Bentley, Golf R32 (2004) DVD-ROM
Part# V325
Price: $99.99

Bosch AERO Blade Wiper Set, Mk4 R32
Part# 3397118925-
Price: $34.99

Brake Lines, Rear Mk4
Part# 6Q0611775B
Price: $9.99

Brake Lines, Rear, VW GENUINE, Mk4
Part# 6Q0611775B_GENUINE
Price: $23.31

Brake Reservoir, VW GENUINE, Mk4 Golf/Jetta & Mk1 TT
Part# 1J1611301_GENUINE
Price: $78.31

Cabin Filter, Mk4
Part# 1J0819644A
Price: $13.99

Caliper Guide Pin Bolts, VW GENUINE, Mk4 (Priced EACH)
Part# 251615219_GENUINE
Price: $19.99

Camshaft Position Sensor (FAE Brand), Mk4 VR6
Part# 06A905161A_FAE
Price: $69.99

Clock Spring, Mk4/B5
Part# 1J0959653C
Price: $149.99

Clutch Master Cylinder, Mk4
Clutch Line from Master to Slave Cylinder, 6spd
Part# 1J1721465BC
Price: $133.99

Clutch Master Cylinder, Mk4 (Sachs Brand)
Part# 1J1721388A
Price: $59.99

Clutch Slave Cylinder / Throwout Bearing
Part# 0A5141671F
Price: $120.30

Connecting Rod Bearing Set, VR6
Part# 021105701BGLB
Price: $74.99

Coolant Cap, 1999-up
Part# 3B0121321
Price: $8.99

Coolant Cap, Black
Part# 3C0121321
Price: $23.99

Coolant Cap, Brushed with Blue Logo
Part# Coolant_Cap_Brushed
Price: $39.99

Coolant Temp Sensor (Green Top), 2000-up
Part# 059919501A

Price: $14.99

Cooling Hose Flange Plug Kit
Part# 357121140
Price: $1.99

CV Joint and Boot Kit, Outer 6-spd
Part# 8N0498099MY
Price: $119.99

CV Joint Boot Kit, Front Outer, Mk4 6-spd
Part# 8N0498203
Price: $31.99

CV Joint Boot Kit, Inner Mk4 R32
Part# 8N0498201C
Price: $44.99

Cylinder Head Seal, 24v VR6
Part# 022121119A
Price: $7.99

EZ Drain Oil Plug Kit, 14x1.5
EZ Drain Oil Plug Kit, 14x1.5
Part# EZ_Oil_Drain_Plug_VW-Audi
Price: $34.99

Front Brake Pad Sensor, Mk4 Golf R32
Part# 1J0615121
Price: $9.99

Front Brake Pad Sensor, VW GENUINE, Mk4 Golf R32
Part# 1J0615121_GENUINE
Price: $56.31

Front Control Arm Bushing R32/TT (FEQ)
Part# 8N0407181B_FEQ
Price: $12.99

Front Control Arm Bushing R32/TT (Lemforder)
Part# 8N0407181B_LEM
Price: $14.99

Front Strut Mount Kit w/Bearings, Mk4
Part# Mk4_Strut_Mount_Kit_OEM
Sale Price: $29.99

Front Strut Mount Kit, 034 Track Density, Mk4 VW and Audi TT
Part# 034_Density_Strut_Mount_Mk4

Price: $76.00

Fuel Door Actuator, Mk4
Part# 1K5959782
Price: $53.99

Fuel Filter, Mk4 (1-Line In/Out)
Part# 1J0201511A
Price: $8.99

Fuel Filter, Mk4/Mk5 w/fuel regulator
Part# 6Q0201051C
Price: $30.99

Fuel Tank Cap, Mk4
Part# 1J0201550F
Price: $36.99

Gruvenparts - Mk4 Golf/Jetta Billet Hood Pull
Part# G_Mk4_Hood_Pull

Price: $69.99

Haldex Gear Oil, Mk4 R32/Mk1 TT Quattro
Part# G052175A1
Price: $27.99

Heater Core, Mk4
Part# 1J1819031BMY
Price: $54.99

Heater Core, Mk4 (Nissen Brand)
Part# 1J1819031B
Price: $89.99

Horn (High Tone) Dual Connector, Mk3/Mk4
Part# 3B0951223
Price: $19.99

Horn (Low Tone) Dual Connector, Mk3/Mk4
Part# 3B0951221
Price: $19.99

Ignition Coil Pack (Genuine), 3.2L 24v VR6
Part# 022905715B
Price: $25.99

Ignition Lock Housing Kit, Mk4/B5/B6
Part# 4B0905851B_N90584502
Price: $149.99

Ignition Switch, Mk4/B5
Part# 4B0905849
Price: $24.99

Ignition Switch, VW GENUINE Mk4/B5
Part# 4B0905849_GENUINE
Price: $65.00

K&N Air Filter Cleaning/Re-Oiling Kit
Part# 99-5050
Price: $13.99

K&N Filter, Mk4
Part# 33-2128
Price: $59.99

Knock Sensor (3-pin), 3.2L/24v VR6
Part# 022905377
Price: $59.99

Knock Sensor, 1.8T/24v VR6
Part# 030905377C
Price: $54.99

Main Bearing Set, VR6
Part# 021198491A
Price: $104.99


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