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- Ultimate Shifter Repair Kit (6 pcs), Mk2
Part# Mk2_shift_repair_kit
Sale Price: $64.99

- Ultimate Shifter Repair Kit w/Short Shifter (7 pcs), Mk2
Part# Mk2_shift_repair_kit_short
Sale Price: $99.99

17mm Head Wheel Bolt Caps (Black) - Priced Each
Part# 321601173A01C
Price: $0.99

Antenna, ”Fuba” (Mast Only)
Part# 3A0051849
Price: $29.99

Back Up Light Switch, 90-up Mk2/Mk3
Part# 020945415A
Price: $9.99

Ball Joint, Mk2/Mk3 4-cyl
Part# 357407365MY
Price: $19.99

Bentley, mk2 Golf/Jetta (1985-1992)
Part# vg92
Price: $59.99

Billet Aluminum Dipstick, pre-1999 4-cyl 8v
Part# WAB-12000
Price: $59.99

Brake Light Switch, pre-99
Part# 191945515B
Price: $7.99

Brake Master Cylinder, Mk2/Mk3 w/o ABS (KMM Brand)
Part# 357611019B KMM
Price: $46.99

Brake Master Cylinder, Mk2/Mk3 w/o ABS (TRW Brand)
Part# 357611019B_TRW
Price: $99.99

Clutch Release Bearing, Mk2/Mk3 4-cyl
Part# 020141165H
Price: $14.99

Control Arm Bushing Kit (Super Heavy Duty R32 version), Mk2/Mk3/Mk4 Control Arm Bushing Kit Polyurethane, Mk3/Mk2
Coolant Temp Sensor For Gauge, 1989-1992
Part# 251919501D
Price: $9.99

Coolant Temp Sensor, pre-1992
Part# 049919501
Price: $9.99

Cruise Control Switch, VW pre-99
Part# 811907343B
Price: $49.99

CV Boot Kit, Left Driver Side Inner, Mk2 100mm
Part# 191498201B_Mk2
Price: $17.99

CV Joint Bolt, M8X48 - priced each
CV Joint Bolt, M8X48 - priced each
Part# N91108201
Price: $0.99

CV Joint Bolt, VW GENUINE, pre-99 - priced each
Part# N91108201_GENUINE
Price: $2.49

Distributor Rotor, Mk2, Mk3 2.0L
Part# 052905225C
Price: $6.99

Door Handle - Front Outer (Left), Mk1/Mk2
Door Handle - Front Outer (Left), Mk1/Mk2
Part# 191837207
Price: $9.99

Door Handle - Rear Outer (Left), Mk1/Mk2
Part# 193839205
Price: $9.99

Door Handle - Rear Outer (Right), Mk1/Mk2
Part# 193839206
Price: $9.99

Expansion Tank Cap, 90-99
Part# 1H0121321C
Price: $5.99

Front Control Arm Bushing R32/TT (FEQ)
Part# 8N0407181B_FEQ
Price: $12.99

Front Control Arm Bushing R32/TT (Lemforder)
Part# 8N0407181B_LEM
Price: $14.99

Fuel Filter, 90-up Mk2/Mk3 - 71028
Front Control Arm Bushing, Mk2/Mk3/Mk4
Part# 357407182
Price: $2.99

Fuel Filter, 90-up Mk2/Mk3 - 71028
Part# 1H0201511A
Price: $9.99

Fuel Injector, Mk2 2.0L 16v
Part# 035133551F
Price: $74.99

Fuel Injector, Mk2 8v Digifant
Part# 037906031R
Price: $139.99

Fuel Injector, Mk2 CIS 8v/16v
Part# 026133551
Price: $64.99

Fuel Pre-Pump (19mm), Mk2/Corrado
Part# 357906092C
Price: $63.99

Fuel Pump (63mm), Mk2 0580254033
Part# 191906091H
Price: $239.99

Fuel Pump Relay
Part# 191906383CMY
Price: $5.99

Fusebox and Relay Plate, 90-up Mk2/Mk3
Part# 357937039
Price: $359.99

G11, Coolant/Antifreeze (1.5L)
Part# G001100
Price: $12.49

Head Gasket Set, 1.8L 16v
Part# 027198012K
Price: $89.99

Head Gasket Set, 1.8L 8v
Part# 027198012L
Price: $49.99

Head Gasket Set, 2.0L 16v
Part# 051198012A
Price: $99.99

Heater Core, Mk2/Mk3
Part# 1H1819030A
Price: $44.99

Ignition Coil, Mk1/Mk2
Part# 211905115D
Price: $79.99

Ignition Lock Cylinder Housing, VW 1990-1999
Part# 357905851D
Price: $39.99

Ignition Lock Cylinder, VW Pre-99
Part# 191905855
Price: $19.99

Ignition Switch, 1990-1999 VW
Part# 6N0905865
Price: $19.99

Knock Sensor, Mk3 2.0L/Mk2 2.0L 16v
Part# 054905377G
Price: $49.99

Lug Bolts, 4-lug (12x1.5 - 24mm)
Lug Bolts, 4-lug (12x1.5 - 24mm)
Part# 3A0601139_qty4
Price: $9.99

Main Bearing Set, 1987-1999 4-cyl
Part# 026198491
Price: $44.99

Oil Cooler O-Ring Seal
Part# 038117070A
Price: $2.99

Oil Dipstick Funnel, pre-1999 Oil Dipstick, pre-1999 4-cyl (except 2.0L 16v)
Oil Dipstick Funnel, pre-1999
Part# 050103663
Price: $2.99

Oil Filler Cap Audi R8
Part# 420103485B
Price: $99.99

Oil Pan Gasket w/Baffle, pre-1999 4-cyl
Oil Filler Cap, pre-2006
Part# 06B103485C
Price: $3.99

Oil Pan Gasket w/Baffle, pre-1999 4-cyl
Part# 037115220B
Price: $44.99

Oil Pan, pre-1999 4-cyl
Part# 051103601
Price: $29.99

Oil Pressure Sender (0.3bar), pre-99
Part# 028919081H
Price: $5.99

Oil Pressure Switch (1.4bar), Pre-99
Part# 068919081D
Price: $5.99

Oil Pressure Switch (1.8bar), Pre-99
Part# 056919081MY_w/ring
Price: $5.99

Oil Pump w/HD 30mm Gears, Mk2 8v
Part# 027115105HD
Price: $69.99

Pentosin, Synthetic Oil 5W-40 - 5 Liters
Part# MO 5W-40HP2/5
Price: $44.99

Piston Ring Set 82.5mm, Mk4/Mk3 2.0L, Mk2 2.0L 16v
Part# 053198151C_qty4
Price: $169.99

Power Window Switch, Mk2
Part# 191959855
Price: $9.99

Rear Caliper Rebuild Kit
Part# 8D0698671
Price: $7.99

Rear Stub Axle, VW w/ Drum Brakes
Part# 357501117MY
Price: $19.99

Reverse Lockout Bracket (with new hardware), Mk2/Mk3
Redline MT-90 Gear Oil, 1 U.S. Quart
Part# RED-50304
Price: $12.99

Rod Bearing Set, pre-1999 4-cyl
Part# 034198501BR
Price: $19.99

Shock Mounting Kit, Rear Mk1, Mk2, Mk3 (Per Side)
Starter Re-Man, Mk2 2.0L 16v/Mk3 8v
Part# SR0402X
Price: $149.99

Steering Rack Boot, TRW Rack
Part# 1H0422831BMY
Price: $4.99

Thrust Bearing Set, 4cyl VW 1987-2005 (A123/4 STD)
Swaybar End Links, Mk2/Mk3 4-cyl
Part# 191411315BKMY
Price: $14.99

Thermostat (87C), pre-99 4-cyl
Part# 056121113D
Price: $14.99

Tie Rod End - Left, Mk2/Mk3
Part# 191419811
Price: $17.99

Tie Rod End - Right, Mk2/Mk3
Part# 191419812
Price: $17.99

Turn Signal Relay, VW Pre-99
Part# 191953227A
Price: $6.99

Valve Cam Followers Hydraulic Lifters up to 1995 8V, 16V Valve Cover Gasket Rubber Upgrade Kit, Mk1/Mk2 8v
Valve Cover Grommet (PCV), Mk2/Mk3 8v
Part# 028103500
Price: $4.99


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