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Peloquin Limited Slip Differential | 02A

02A498005A Peloquin Limited Slip Differential | 02A




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Part # 02A 498 005A

Differential comes with an install kit such as 2 bearings, special ARP bolt kit, speedo gear, O-Rings and cover gasket.

This product can be used in all V.W. Mk3 VR6 and early Corrado transaxles from 1989 through 1998. If in doubt, e-mail us Vin number, or Transaxle code number found near were cable connects to trans. linkage.

NOTE: The early Corrado will have small rivets such as the 020 rod shift transaxle and would require a special bolt kit that we have made or if you want a much stronger unit then you need to change the ring and pinion to the later version. The cost of this modified bolt kit is $65.00