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Q-Chip for Golf 3/Jetta 3 2.0L, 1993-98

10.215.350/1/2 Q-Chip for Golf 3/Jetta 3 2.0L, 1993-98



Product Info
The Q-Chip for the 2.0L ABA engined cars provides substantial gains in torque and horsepower at all rpm. The Q-Chip totally changes your once docile (some say anemic) Mk3 into a spirited runner. Zero to sixty times (Vericom tested) improve by a full second! The car's ability to run to the new, higher 6900 rpm redline is quickened, and the motor becomes much more responsive, which is a nice change on this large-stroke motor. This is the perfect addition to any new Golf or Jetta (or Passat).

Have the VW part number from your car's ECU ready when you order and be sure to enter it in the order notes section. The ECU part number is located on the physical ECU. For Mk3 2.0L it will begin with 037-906-XXXX

The "Q-Chip" name is a play on words: A Q-ship is a car with bone-stock appearance that performs at a much higher level. A "wolf in sheep's clothing," so to speak.

A Q-Chip from Autotech will give your VW a new lease on life, a boost in performance so well integrated with your VW, you'll soon forget what it's like to drive without it. Autotech's in-house designed Q-Chips are the best chips available anywhere at any price. They offer the quickest acceleration, the sharpest response, and the largest possible power gains without sacrificing one iota of drivability.

The Ignition Map
The Autotech Q-Chip takes advantage of available 91 Octane gasoline and incorporates a new, more aggressive, ignition map for your car. This is what produces most of the power gains in the low to middle rpm ranges and the "seat of the pants" improvement. Our ignition map modifications are not merely limited to full throttle conditions. Changes are made in the maps affecting both full and part throttle situations. Part throttle ignition mods are, in fact, the changes most responsible for engine responsiveness during most driving conditions. Why didn't the factory do this to begin with? Mainly because any factory must design their cars to accommodate the full range of available fuels. More recently, as cars become "world spec," using the same cars all over the world means an even greater range of fuel quality. As a performance tuner, we can design our Q-Chip with a specific fuel quality in mind. This allows us to run more aggressively towards the performance ideal.

The Fuel Map
Peak horsepower depends greatly on properly administered amounts of fuel. We design each Q-Chip to provide enough fuel to produce maximum power, yet it will only provide the extra fuel when conditions find it necessary. Extra fuel at inopportune times not only reduces power, but also reduces mileage and increases emissions.

All Autotech Q-Chips are designed with EPA-acceptable levels of emissions in mind, and are 50 State Legal, including the OBD-II models from 1996-98 (an Autotech First!). An Exemption Order from the California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B. E.O. #'s: D-375-2, D-375-3) is your assurance that the Q-Chip you install is legal in all 50 states.

Setting New Limits
Each Autotech Q-Chip features a raised rev limit that allows you to take better advantage of other performance modifications, such as camshafts and exhaust systems. We do not totally remove the rev limiter, as some other chip makers have, because we feel it's extremely important to prevent over-revving and possible engine damage.

Where the factory has chosen to limit the top speed of some of its models, the Autotech Q-Chip removes the top speed limiter and sets your car free.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
All Autotech Q-Chips are backed by an unconditional 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, you're not completely happy with your Q-Chip, simply return it within 30 days of purchase for a prompt refund, hassle-free.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Each Autotech Q-Chip features a Limited Lifetime Warranty from Autotech. You'll probably never need it, but it's there if you ever do.