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Rear Lower Control Arm | Mk5 Golf | Jetta & Mk6 Golf

1K0505311AB Rear Lower Control Arm |  Mk5 Golf | Jetta & Mk6 Golf


Price: $69.99

Special Price: $66.49


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Fits both left and right sides Over the years, the road takes a serious toll on your suspension. Pot holes, speed bumps, and road hazards all contribute to a sloppy, weak suspension. To give a better feel to your driving experience, change components as they wear to improve safety and ride comfort.

This piece will provide tighter feel, less shake in the steering wheel, and more solid performance when hitting road hazards such as pot holes and bumps. Not only will you feel safe in your vehicle again, you can also feel comfortable.

If replacing any part of your front or rear suspension, it is best to either do it in pairs (both left and right sides), or examine parts that are prone to failure. This will provide the most service life out of replacement parts and assure they are all performing properly. Skim through the suspension section of your vehicle model to see all those other parts that may need replaced.