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Sonax Dashboard Cleaner | 250mL

283200 Sonax Dashboard Cleaner | 250mL



Product Info

The SONAX Dashboard Cleaner is a great way to deep clean and protect the interior while leaving it perfectly matte looking. The formula is silicone free and completely safe to use all over the interior. Spray it directly on the desired surface or your favorite microfiber towel and begin wiping. You'll notice it leaves no streaks or residue behind and the interior looks more like new again. It also has a strong anti-static formula that does a great job of repelling dust so the interior stays cleaner for longer. Use this formula on your dashboard, doors, console, arm rests, trim and so much more. Get the cleaning and protection you want from one bottle with the SONAX Dashboard Cleaner.


  • Shake Well.
  • Spray onto soft cloth or sponge and distribute evenly over surface.
  • Buff out with soft cloth.


  • Not for use on glass, paintwork, seats, cloth surfaces, carpets, foot pedals or steering wheels.
  • Keep from freezing!

For more than 60 years, SONAX has been improving and expanding their product portfolio through extensive research and development. Globally, the SONAX brand is synonymous with the highest standards and latest technologies in the car care sector. Innovation, excellent product performance and a variety of engagements in international motorsport have played a major role in their success. All SONAX products are developed and manufactured in Neuburg, Germany. SONAX is the only car care brand approved for use by all German car manufacturers.