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Spark Plugs NGK PFR6Q (6458) | OEM 1.8T

NGK.PFR6Q.6458 Spark Plugs NGK PFR6Q (6458) | OEM 1.8T


Price: $49.99

Special Price: $47.49


Product Info

These plugs are the orginal OEM plugs for stock 1.8T's.

Platinum spark plugs last much longer than conventional spark plugs and perform more consistently over the course of their service life. While platinum is an extremely durable material, that durability comes with a price. Platinum is an expensive precious metal, costing in the neighborhood of $400 an ounce. At NGK we use a large amount of platinum in our spark plugs. That large amount of platinum is naturally going to cost more. We think it's worth it.

Priced as a set of 4.