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Tie Rod End - Right | Mk5 & Mk6 Golf | Jetta

1K0423812J_Delphi Tie Rod End - Right |  Mk5 & Mk6 Golf | Jetta


Price: $28.99

Special Price: $27.54


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Replace to reduce steering slop The tie rods in your vehicle translate the movement of the steering wheel through the rack and to your wheels. Oftentimes when a vehicle is beginning to experience some higher mileage, the tie rod ends begin to fail. This causes slop in the steering wheel and knocks and creaks in the steering system. Catastrophic tie rod end failure can cause serious damage and danger as the tie rod end keeps the wheel path straight. Replace your tie rods for some cheap insurance against dangerous failures. These tie rod ends will offer dramatic improvements over worn original units. Tighter, quieter steering and a more responsive wheel can be expected. A great way to stay safe on the road.