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  Timing Belt Gear Dowel Pin Kit (058 BLOCK), 1.8T 20V and 16v

IEBEVA6 Timing Belt Gear Dowel Pin Kit (058 BLOCK), 1.8T 20V and 16v



Product Info

One of the major weaknesses of the 1.8T 20V platform is that the timing belt system is slightly under specced for the large load placed on it by the 20v head. This shows up in belts that fail earlier then expected. When RPM's are increased, more problems happen with this system. Under high rpm usage, especially in engines equipped with stiffer valve springs, the keyway has been known to shear off the crank pulley, even when the bolt was properly torqued to OEM specifications. In order to combat this, IE has sorted out a dowel pin strategy, placing a 7200lb shear strength alloy dowel pin through the joint to hold the load, even when there is not enough friction on the joint. Ordinarily, this would mean a trip to the machine shop with the crankshaft, but our kit allows the crank to be successfully modified even in the car. The kit starts with a brand new OEM timing pulley, which has been drilled, reamed, and then chamfered in our CNC Milling center. This ensures that the bore is placed right on the money and square to the end of the crankshaft. The kit includes a pulley, drill bit, reamer, high strength alloy steel dowel pin and 2 page instructions with pictures.

This one fits EARLY 1.8T (058 AEB ETC) with external water pump as well as 16v (9A).