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- Basic Ultimate SAi | N249 | PCV | EVAP Delete Kit | 1.8T

SAI_Delete_1.8T_ULT - Ultimate SAi | N249 | PCV | EVAP Delete Kit | 1.8T



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Add Coolant Flange

Add Intake Mani Gasket

Add Turbo Inlet Pipe

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SAI Block Off Plate

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This is the Ultimate kit that will delete your entire SAI/N249/PCV/EVAP system for any Mk4 Golf/Jetta 1.8T.

Kit includes all the hoses, caps, clamps and plug-n-play resistors to delete the SAI/N249/PCV/EVAP system.

NOTE: Be aware installing this kit will cause the Check Engine Light to come, while some codes can be defeated with the resistors the secondary airflow code can only be defeated with software.

** This kit also includes the SAI blockoff plate and a 42 Draft Design Stealth catch can (avilable in Black or Silver brushed finish). Installation of the catch can is required in a location of your choice.

To determine if you need "Early" or "Late" style look at your valve cover. If there is a small vacuum port next to the main breather hose that connects you need the LATE style kit. Early style cars do not have this vacuum port. If you have any questions let us know.

UroTuning Recommends the following parts to consider when installing this kit (see parts listings below):

- Replacing the cooling hose flange (it has to come off so why not replace since they are common to fail)

- Using a new intake manifold gasket or upgrading to the NewSouth PowerGasket for added HP

NOTE: This kit is for OFF-ROAD purposes only.