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VF Engineering Engine Side Motor Mount | Mk5 R32 | TT | A3 6-cyl

VFA06-02 VF Engineering Engine Side Motor Mount | Mk5 R32 | TT | A3 6-cyl



Product Info
The VW factory Engine side mount connects the engine to the chassis and was designed as a soft flexible mount to provide a very comfortable drive. A drawback is the high amount of engine movement under torque load and on hard acceleration. This engine "slop" greatly decreases stability and smoothness under high performance driving conditions and rapid gear selection.

The factory mount is constructed from a die-cast aluminum mount which houses a large soft rubber bush with a vulcanised cast strut. The rubber bush contains a viscous oil cavity to absorb shock. The 1-piece OEM rubber bush does not completely fill the pocket inside the mount casing, leaving it prone to break under severe driving conditions. The drawback of the OEM design for 'performance minded' drivers is that long term stresses from power enhanced engines tends to cause premature wear of the both the driver and passenger side engine mounts, which either leads to their viscous damper becoming very sloppy or the aluminum casing cracking completely.

VF-Engineering designed, tooled up and manufactured a complete new replacement, containing specially designed molded high durometer polyurethane bushes. The mount is constructed from billet (ingot) aluminum and supplied with high tensile hardware. Billet is physically twice as strong as cast and this mount is designed for strength. VF recommends changing side mounts in pairs only. Fitting should take no more than 60 minutes usually.

Fits The Following Cars:
Golf/Jetta Mk5/R32
Audi TT/ A3 6 Cyl
(not 5cyl)