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Key FOB Case | 2001-2009 VW

Key_FOB_Case_Colors VW Alarm Transmitter | 2001-2009




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If your looking to change up the look of your VW key fob these plastic clip on covers are a great choice. This covering will clip on in seconds and the variety of colors give you plenty of options for adding a personal touch to your key. These colored key covers also protect your key fob from everyday scratches and scrapes. Keep your VW key emblem from wearing out as many do. You can pick a color that matches your car or just something flashy to get you out of the standard black look.

This is a late model remote cover and will ONLY fit (2002-2009 Golf/Jetta and 03/2001-2005 Passat) with right angle buttons. Please check your stock remote before ordering!! The red remote light must be next to the trunk release button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This will cover up the Panic button on your remote!

FITS: 2002-2009 Golf/Jetta and 03/2001-2005 Passat