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VWR Golf Mk7 GTI "Cup Edition" Rear Exhaust System (Cat-back)

VWR21G701 VWR Golf Mk7 GTI Cup Edition Rear Exhaust System (Cat-back)




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Product Info

From many years of developing the race exhausts for the Volkswagen Racing Cup, we have partnered with our Championship Sponsors Milltek Sport to offer a more extreme Cup Edition Exhaust System for the Golf 7 GTI available exclusively as part of the VWR range.

Aside from the beautiful Titanium tailpipe trims, its built from the same high quality non-magnetic stainless steel as the race car systems, by the very same craftsmen, and in the exact same factory as every one of our racing cars. With minimal disruptions along its length, the system flows exceptionally, and is based around a carefully optimised 3 (76mm) section tube for maximum power and torque gains with a refined throttle response throughout the rev range.

VWR Cup Ed TailpipeWe wanted a more extreme set up for the Cup Edition exhaust, aimed at those looking for a slightly more purposeful soundtrack, thanks to its non-resonated centre section and smaller silencer box. Many customers have told us that they want the highest flow, least restrictive system available, and are happy with the louder volume that comes with a high-performance exhaust and the result is this.

With Titanium tailpipe trims, discreetly etched with the R logo on the sides, not only does this exhaust deliver worthwhile performance gains, it offers a highly dynamic soundtrack that the enthusiast driver will love, and enhances the appearance of any Golf 7 GTI.

VWR Cup Ed Exhaust Fitted


Make no mistake, this is a sports exhaust, and has a rich and dynamic soundtrack to match. In development with Milltek Sport, we have deliberately taken the Cup Edition system a step closer to that which we specify for our race cars. Through removing the two large silencer boxes that the original factory exhaust uses, and replacing with a single, smaller unit we have dramatically reduced the restrictions that the standard part causes.

However, it is perfectly suitable for daily driving, with drone well contained at higher-speed cruising, only getting loud under full throttle acceleration. Enthusiasts will love it!

Tests on a Mk7 GTi fitted with the Full System (turbo-back) showed exceptional and consistent gains across the whole rev range and a peak power gain of 20hp and 10Nm of torquethats without an ECU remap. With higher power comes higher gains as the 200 CPSI Hi-Flow Sports Catalyst will increase flow by as much as 30% over the original cat at higher flow rates.

The same test on the Rear System alone showed lower power gains than the Full System does, as would be expected, but with around a 5hp gain and the purposeful soundtrack that the Cup Edition delivers, nobody will be disappointed.


The VWR Cup Edition exhaust is available either as a Full System (turbo back), which replaces the entire exhaust, or as a Rear System (catback) which replaces the rear section of the exhaust system after the factory catalytic converter pipe back to the tailpipes.

For the ultimate performance, and to release higher power outputs, the Rear System should be fitted in conjunction with the Front System (to make the Full System). The Rear Section can be upgraded to the Full System retrospectively at any time, as it fits with both the standard and VWR Front Systems.

The Catback system includes a 3" reducer to connect the factory exhaust without any cutting or other modification. With a reduction in the size of the original silencer boxes, and titanium tailpipe trims, the Rear System offers a substantial weight-saving over standard.

VWR Cup Ed Exhaust Fitted 2

The Front System replaces the factory catalytic converter system with a 200 CPSI Hi-Flow Sports Catalyst and large-bore down pipe. It includes a reducer to connect to the original factory rear exhaust without any cutting, meaning that if you want to benefit from the power gains that the Front System gives but retain the quieter factory rear system, then this is entirely possible.

Unlike some, the quality of this European-made high flow catalyst means that it will not trigger a Check Engine light or any fault codes in the ECU.

Finally, for those who use their Golf off the public road, we offer a delete-catalyst version of the Front System for the ultimate power gains. Please note in some parts of the world, the use of high flow catalytic converters is not road legal - please check your local regulations.

An illustration of the exhaust layout (note, not actual Golf 7 system)


The VWR Cup Edition Exhaust is produced in high quality type-304 aircraft grade stainless steel. This quality of stainless steel is used on all pipework and the total construction of the silencer, which other manufacturers stainless steel may not be throughout. This material is the same anti-magnetic steel that our race systems use, and is less susceptible to discolouration.

Mandrel bending ensures full flow bends for better gas flow combined with the increased bore to ensure ultimate performance without the loss of mid-range torque. The pipe diameter throughout is : 3.00" (76.20mm)

Rear split section

No cutting or modifications are required to install this system in any form. The system has multiple slip joints with high quality stainless steel clamps to allow the perfect adjustment of the exhaust, whilst the Front System has a fully lined stainless steel flex joint to absorb the movement in the drivetrain.

The Cup Edition exhaust mounts onto all of the standard cars mounting points, meaning no modifications are required to fit the exhaust, or even return it to standard in future. Similarly, no changes are required to the GTIs rear bumper/valance for fitting.

All VWR Cup exhaust systems are designed, developed and manufactured i -house in the UK exclusively for the VWR range by Milltek Sport.