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Valve Set Supertech 1.8T 20v Exhaust Valve Set INCONEL

ST-18T-AEVI-1103 Valve Set Supertech 1.8T 20v Exhaust Valve Set INCONEL


Price: $259.99

Special Price: $246.99


Product Info

This is for a full set of 8 Supertech performance Inconel exhaust valves! These are a great starting point for any 1.8t cylinder head build. For the price, these are an excellent replacement for stock valves. The inconel exhaust valves offer far superior reliabilty to OEM style stainless, sodium filled exhaust valves which often crumble into the cylinder. the Inconel valves are much more resistant to heat, so they are great for turbo and nitrous applications. For the very highest performance builds, we can also supply these valves in +1mm oversize for maximum flow (machine work required). Also available are single groove keeper setups, for extremely high rpm usage. This setup grips the actual shaft of the valve, rather then relying on the material of the three grooves itself to restrain the valve.

This is for a set of 8 Supertech Inconel exhaust valves.