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Vernier Adjustable Alloy Cam Gear | Mk4 Golf | Jetta 2.0L

10.109.405K Vernier Adjustable Alloy Cam Gear | Mk4 Golf | Jetta



Product Info
The Peg-vernier adjustment cam timing gears consist of a hard-anodized 6061-T6 aluminum gear and an alloy steel hub and cover plate. The proven vernier design allows for infinite incremental timing adjustment. It is possible to adjust the timing in 1.5? increments simply by aligning the holes in both the hub and sprocket at the desired position. There is no limit to the adjustment. A tool steel lockpin secures your timing position, held in place by the steel cover plate. Once set, this gear will not slip during use. This type of gear is great for ”degreeing” your camshaft to exact timing specs with no danger of slippage once assembled. Made in the UK.

FITS: All Mk4 Golf/Jetta/NB 2.0L