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-Engine Rebuild Kit, 1.8T
Part# Rebuild_1.8T_Late
Price: $139.99

17mm Head Wheel Bolt Caps (Black) - Priced Each
Part# 321601173A01C
Price: $0.99

A/C and Heater Control, Electronic (OEM)
Part# 3B1907044C
Price: $599.99

A/C Compressor, B5 Passat/A4 AWM/AUG Engines
Part# 8D0260805R
Price: $399.99

A/C O-Ring Kit
Part# MT2622
Price: $19.99

Antenna, ”Fuba” (Mast Only)
Part# 3A0051849
Price: $29.99

Antenna, ”Fuba” (Mast Only) 6mm Base
Part# 1J0035849F
Price: $59.99

Bentley, B5 DVD Passat (1998-2005)
Part# VB55
Price: $94.99

Bentley, B5 Passat (1998-2005)
Part# vp04
Price: $104.99

Breather/Air Hose, B5 Passat/A4 1.8T
Part# 079133784J
Price: $28.99

Cabin Filter, 2001-up B5.5 Passat
Part# 1H0819644
Price: $9.99

Cam Position Sensor, Bosch 0232101024
Part# 058905161B
Price: $99.99

Cam Timing Chain Tensioner, 1.8T
Part# 058109088K
Price: $299.99

Cam Timing Chain, 1.8T/2.7T/30v
Part# 058109229B
Price: $39.99

Camshaft Seal, 1.8T/2.0L/TDi/2.0T FSi
Part# 038103085C
Price: $5.99

Chain Tensioner Gasket Set, 1.8T
Part# 058198217
Price: $4.99

Clock Spring, Mk4/B5
Part# 1J0959653C
Price: $149.99

Clutch Kit 228mm, B5/B6 Audi A4/Passat 1.8T
Part# K7020501
Price: $359.99

Control Arm Kit, (12-Piece), B5 A4/S4/Passat - Febi
Part# 8D0498998B_FEBI

Price: $499.99

Coolant Cap, 1999-up
Part# 3B0121321
Price: $8.99

Coolant Cap, Black
Part# 3C0121321
Price: $23.99

Coolant Cap, Brushed with Blue Logo
Part# Coolant_Cap_Brushed
Price: $39.99

Coolant Temp Sensor (Green Top), 2000-up
Part# 059919501A

Price: $14.99

Cooling Fan Switch, B5.5 Passat (2001-2005)
Part# 8D0959481BMY_oring
Price: $19.99

Cooling Flange, 1.8T AUG/AWM
Part# 058121132CMY_oring
Price: $9.99

Cooling Hose Flange Plug Kit
Part# 357121140
Price: $1.99

Crank Position Sensor (0261210147)
Part# 0261210147
Price: $84.99

Crankcase Vent Valve (Check Valve), 1.8T
Part# 06A133528D
Price: $50.99

Cylinder Head Bolts, 06A 1.8T (set of 10)
Part# 06A103385A_qty10
Price: $22.99

Cylinder Head Gasket Set, 1.8T (Elwis Brand)
Part# 058198012_Elwis
Price: $94.99

Cylinder Head Gasket, 1.8T
Part# 058103383K
Price: $39.99

Door Handle, Mk4 - Aftermarket
Part# 3B0837207GGR_Vaico
Price: $19.99

Door Handle, Mk4 - GENUINE VW
Part# 3B0837207GGR
Price: $84.99

Drive Belt - A/C, 98-05 Passat 1.8T
Part# 06B260849A
Price: $9.99

EGR Vacuum Solenoid, 1.8T
Part# 026906283J
Price: $104.99

EGR Valve Gasket, 1.8T/2.7T
Part# 078131120K
Price: $4.99

Engine Mount (Left), B5 Passat/A4 1.8T
Part# 8D0199379SMY
Price: $39.99

Engine Mount (Right), B5 Passat/A4 1.8T
Part# 8D0199382LMY
Price: $39.99

Engine Mount Rubber Stop (Front), B5 Passat
Part# 8D0199339P
Price: $9.99

Exhaust Manifold Gasket, 1.8T
Part# 058253039L
Price: $9.99

Fuel Injector Clip, 1.8T/VR6
Part# 035906037
Price: $1.75

Fuel Injectors 440cc Bosch Green Giant  - Priced EACH
Fuel Injector O-Ring
Part# 035906149A
Price: $1.49

Fuel Injectors 440cc Bosch Green Giant - Set Of Four
Part# 0280155968_qty4
Price: $249.99

Fuel Tank Cap, Mk4
Part# 1J0201550F
Price: $36.99

G13, Coolant/Antifreeze (1 Gallon)
Part# G013A8J1G
Price: $21.99

Hood Strut, B5 Passat
Part# 3B0823359B
Price: $29.99

Hood Strut, B5.5 Passat
Part# 3B0823359C
Price: $19.99

IE 4-cyl Torque Plate, 1983-2008
Price: $364.99

Ignition Coilpack, 1.8T AEB engine code
Part# 058905105
Price: $49.99

Ignition Control Unit, 97-99 B5 1.8T AEB
Part# 4D0905351
Price: $89.99

Ignition Lock Housing Kit, Mk4/B5/B6
Part# 4B0905851B_N90584502
Price: $149.99

Ignition Switch, Mk4/B5
Part# 4B0905849
Price: $24.99

Ignition Switch, VW GENUINE Mk4/B5
Part# 4B0905849_GENUINE
Price: $65.00

Intake Manifold Gasket, 1.8T
Part# 058129717D
Price: $4.99

K&N Performance Air Filter, 98-05 Passat
Part# 33-2125
Price: $54.99

Lifter Set - Exhaust (Set of 8), 1.8T
Part# 058109309E_qty8
Price: $99.99

Lifter Set - Intake (Set of 12), 1.8T
Part# 058109309F_qty12
Price: $139.99

Main Bearing Set, 1.8T - Glyco
Part# 06A198491
Price: $49.99

Mass Air Flow Sensor (Re-Man), 1.8T AUG/AWM/AMB
Part# 0986280217 AWM
Price: $99.99

Mass Air Flow Sensor (Re-Man), 1.8T AWD/ATW
Part# 06A906461D
Price: $89.99

Mass Air Flow Sensor, 1.8T AEB B5 Passat/A4
Part# 037906461C
Price: $194.99

Mass Air Flow Sensor, 1.8T ATW/AWD
Part# 06A906461D-
Price: $164.99

Mass Air Flow Sensor, 1.8T AUG/AWM/AMB
Part# 06A906461L AWM
Price: $129.99

Mass Air Flow Sensor, Passat 1.8T 2002-2005
Part# 06A906461N
Price: $129.99


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