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WCI MT10 Wheel | 19" 5x112

WCI-MT10-5x112-19inch - WCI MT10 Wheel | 19" 5x112



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The MT10 is a directional mesh wheel that is available in 18 and 19 inch. The wheels are directional and come with 2 lefts and 2 rights. Once on the car the wheels will face the same direction. This means that you can have the wheels point forward or backward once on the car. The wheel features an extreme concave design. The MT10"s that are 9.5 wide are more concave than the 8.5. Offset and bolt pattern do not change the concavity of the wheel, only the width. The MT10 is VIA and JWL approved. The MT10 features a sleek machined finish face with hyper silver powdercoated windows.

Watercooled MT10 wheel. Available sizes in 5x112 are

19x8.5 et42 -all around- $1400 set

19x8.5 et42 & 19x9.5 et40 - $1450 set

19x9.5 et40 -all around- $1500 set

Shipping is $100 anywhere in the 48 states, $150 to Canada, $200 to the UK, $300 anywhere in Europe and $300 to Japan/China.