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  Wavetrac Type 02M - 4motion front, Golf R32 (6-speed)

10.309.191WK Wavetrac Type 02M - 4motion front, Golf R32 (6-speed)



Product Info

The Wavetrac unique design offers maximum traction, improves handling and steering, and puts the power where it is needed most. A definite advantage whether on the track or on the street.

The Wavetrac is extremely strong and durable and since the Quaife is gear operated, it has no plates or clutches that can wear out and need costly replacement.

The Wavetrac is great for street driving or racing. Racers don't have to put up with locking mechanisms or spools that created unwanted understeer under power, or in the case of front-drive cars, even tear the steering wheel out of their hands when cornering. Because it behaves like an open differential during ordinary driving, street drivers will have trouble telling it's there until pushing the car's limits.

FITS: mk4 Golf R32 4motion