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06E905115F Ignition Coilpack (R8 Red Top) | 2.0T FSi | TSi and 2.5L - Bosch Ignition Coilpack (R8 Red Top) | 2.0T FSi | TSi and 2.5L - Bosch

These are the coil packs used on several Audi models such as the R8/S6/S8 with the V10 or B7 A4's with the V6. These coil packs have been tried and tested on 2.0T FSi/TSi and 2.5L models to work great and they also give you the sporty Red look under the hood!

Part is Brand New Revision by BOSCH of the 06E905115F - Replacement for 06E905115E. This part features additional insulation not found on the Genuine Red Top R8 Coil Packs.

Bosch Part number 0221604800

NOTE: These DO NOT fit Gen3 2.0T engines.



034-601-0046 034 Billet Aluminum Rear Subframe Inserts | B9 Audi A4 034 Billet Aluminum Rear Subframe Inserts | B9 Audi A4

034Motorsport is pleased to present Billet Aluminum Rear Subframe Mount Inserts for the B9 Audi A4!

The B9 Audi A4 uses rubber rear subframe mounts which deflect under load, causing the rear end to feel vague and loose, as well as leading to less-than-optimal suspension geometry and increased understeer. These precision-machined billet aluminum inserts are designed to fill voids in the factory rear subframe mounts, and limit subframe movement without sacrificing ride quality or introducing any perceivable additional noise, vibration, or harshness into the cabin. The result is a more refined, connected driving experience, as well as improved effectiveness of aftermarket rear sway bar upgrades and suspension components

Designed to work in conjunction with the factory rubber mounts, this insert package was engineered using CAD software and thoroughly tested and refined to provide a significant improvement in handling performance and feel.

These inserts were tested extensively on 034Motorsport's in-house B9 Audi A4 Development Vehicle before release on multiple B8/B8.5 vehicles. Installation is very simple, can be performed in under an hour, and is completely reversible.

  • T6-6061 Billet Aluminum Construction
  • CNC-Machined In-House
  • Clear Anodized Finish for Durability
  • Engineered to Fill Voids In Factory Rear Subframe Mounts
  • Helps Maintain Proper Suspension Geometry When Cornering
  • Reduces Rear Subframe Movement During Launches & Acceleration
  • Improves Shifting Feel, Resulting in Crisper Shifts
  • Virtually No Additional NVH transfer Inside Cabin
  • Easy, Straightforward Installation
What's Included:
  • 034Motorsport Billet Aluminum B9 Audi A4 Rear Subframe Inserts - Front (Pair)
  • 034Motorsport Billet Aluminum B9 Audi A4 Rear Subframe Inserts - Rear (Pair)
Installation Instructions:
  • 2017 - Present Audi A4 (B9)



034-404-1002 034 Dynamic+ Lowering Springs | B8 | B8.5 | Audi S4 034 Dynamic+ Lowering Springs | B8 | B8.5 | Audi S4

Dynamic+ Lowering Springs were engineered and tested in-house at 034Motorsport to deliver superb ride quality and optimal handling performance. Designed to as a true no-compromise solution, Dynamic+ Lowering Springs provide an aggressive yet functional stance, and reward drivers with precise vehicle control and OEM+ comfort levels.

Dynamic+ Lowering Springs were thoroughly evaluated on the street and track on 034Motorsport's B8 Audi S4 Development Vehicle, and by independent Audi enthusiasts before release. The selected spring rates, unique dual-rate spring design, and ride height are the culmination of months testing - thousands of miles of commuting and countless track days - resulting in a lowering kit that is perfectly matched to the factory dampers.

Each set of Dynamic+ Lowering Springs is manufactured in the USA at an ISO 9001 certified facility, and tested to 034Motorsport's exacting specifications to ensure they deliver unmatched levels of handling performance. These springs are the ideal suspension solution for the discerning Audi S4 owner who desires to lower their vehicle and enhance their driving experience.

  • Improved Handling Performance & Chassis Dynamics
  • Reduced Body Roll & Understeer
  • Superb Comfort & Ride Quality
  • Compatible with Audi Adaptive Suspension
  • Lightweight, High-Strength Construction
  • Shot Peened & Powdercoated
  • Made in USA at ISO 9001 Certified Facility
Ride Height:
  • Front - 1.0" Lower
  • Rear - 1.0" Lower
Effective Spring Rates:
  • Front - 370 lbs/in (Linear)
  • Rear - 220 lbs/in (Linear)
  • 2010 - 2016 Audi S4 (B8 / B8.5)
    • Compatible with Standard and Audi Adaptive Suspension Equipped Vehicles.



034-108-1012 034 Motorsports P34 Cold Air Intake - B9 Audi A4 | A5 | Allroad | 2.0 TFSI 034 Motorsports P34 Cold Air Intake - B9 Audi A4 | A5 | Allroad | 2.0 TFSI

034Motorsport's P34 Cold Air Intake System delivers improved power, sound, and acceleration to B9 Audi A4/Allroad owners in a clean OEM+ package.