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UH012-INA Unitronic Turbo Inlet Elbow - 1.8/2.0 TSI Gen3 MQB Unitronic Turbo Inlet Elbow - 1.8/2.0 TSI Gen3 MQB

Unitronic's new Turbo Inlet Elbow for the 1.8/2.0 TSI MQB ISxx turbochargers is NOW AVAILABLE!

Made from aircraft grade cast Aluminum, Unitronic engineered this direct bolt-on upgrade to eliminate upstream airflow restrictions, allowing for it to both outflow and outperform anything on the market.

Unitronic's new turbo inlet elbow was developed utilizing the latest state-of-the-art tools, equipment, and computer aided design software to achieve this unique design that optimizes airflow and speed, while eliminating restrictions, allowing for positive pressure pre-compressor as illustrated in our EFD renderings.

It's important to not only engineer a product to be the best it can, but it's also important to know it's limits. Analyzing maximum airflow is great, but it’s important that the measurements are performed in realistic conditions. In efforts to allow clients to directly compare the flow data with competitors’ published data, Unitronic performed the airflow tests at 28 inches of water, which is a direct comparison to that of the competitor’s inlet.

With the focus and intent to optimize flow, Unitronic Hardware Engineers extended testing further, optimizing the design through different iterations at different mass flow rates until an acceptable threshold had been reached. It was identified that the stock (OEM) elbow was only able to handle up to 30 lbs/min (380 CFM) before it began to choke, causing air cavitation, ultimately resulting in a restriction to the overall performance of the turbo and system.

Unitronic’s Turbo Inlet Elbow features full one-piece design with CNC-machined inlet and outlets, fully integrated (non-pressed in) CNC-machined PCV inlet, tapered outlet mouth for an ultra-smooth flow-matched airflow transition into the turbocharger, and includes a fully integrated bracket for a direct bolt-on fitment that installs within minutes and minimal tools.

  • Made from aircraft grade cast Aluminum
  • Outflows the stock (OEM) unit
  • Supports unrestricted airflow up to 50 lb/min
  • Full one-piece design (PCV inlet port and securing arm)
  • Fully integrated CNC-machined PCV inlet
  • CNC-machined inlet and outlet
  • Tapered outlet mouth for ultra smooth flow-matched airflow transition
  • Direct bolt-on fitment
  • Installs within minutes with minimal basic tools



UH011-ICA Unitronic MQB Charge Pipe Upgrade Kit - 1.8 | 2.0 | TSI Unitronic MQB Charge Pipe Upgrade Kit - 1.8T | 2.0T | MQB

Unitronic’s Charge Pipe Upgrade Kit for the 1.8/2.0 TSI MQB engines is comprised of an upgraded Turbo Discharge Pipe, Throttle Body Pipe, and silicone Intercooler Inlet/Outlet hoses. This complete upgrade kit features a high-flow design that eliminates restrictions in the boost (charge) piping leading from the turbocharger outlet to the engine, allowing for unrestricted airflow.

With a larger 60mm internal diameter (I.D.), matching multi-ply reinforced and fluorolined silicone couplers, smooth transitions, and fewer restrictions through optimized routing of the one-piece mandrel bent lightweight Aluminium tubing, Unitronic’s Charge Pipe Upgrade Kit will remove restrictions through the intercooler plumbing.

Unitronic’s multi-ply reinforced silicone hoses are more robust than the factory hoses and will not expand/balloon with higher boost pressures. Additionally, Unitronic’s silicone hoses feature a fluorolined inner layer to ensure resistance to oil penetration. Standard silicone hoses are likely to see oil penetration and degradation over time from the lack of fluorolining.

Unitronic’s Throttle Body Pipe includes a pre-drilled and tapped 1/8” NPT port for convenient Water/Methanol Injection nozzle installation, along with a properly placed bung for the OEM Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor.

Unlike its competitors’, Unitronic’s Charge Pipe Upgrade Kit includes all the OEM wiring harness mounting points, to avoid wiring harnesses from dangling within your engine bay, or having to zip-tie them manually.


  • Throttle Body Pipe
  • Turbo Discharge Pipe
  • Silicone Intercooler Inlet/Outlet Hoses

  • 60mm Internal Diameter (I.D.)
  • Lightweight Aluminum tubing
  • Smooth airflow transitions
  • Multi-ply reinforced silicone hoses
  • Fluorolined inner layer on silicone hoses for oil penetration resistance
  • Factory wiring harness mounting points
  • 1/8" NPT Water/Meth injection port with plug
  • Integrated MAP sensor bung
  • Durable wrinkle black powder coated finish
  • Direct bolt-on fitment